December 17, 2021

Do you need help managing your kids’ screentime and protecting them from online threats?

Do you need help managing your kids’ screentime and protecting them from online threats?

Let’s be honest: parenting has never been for the weak of heart. However, these days of online interaction present brand-new challenges our parents and grandparents never had to manage.

Below are 10 video-training sessions for parents.  Listen in while Alison and special guests discuss how to evaluate video games, manage screentime, protect your kids from sexting, and more!
Giving Kids/Teens a Screen: What Next?
Setting Boundaries for Screentime
How Do Specific Video Games Work?
Chatting During Gameplay: What Happens?
Methods of Digital Communication for Kids & Teens
What Alison Did When Her Kids Received Sexually Explicit Messages
Sexting 101: What You Know And What You Don’t
Video Game Ratings Don’t Tell You Everything
Getting Your Kids to Listen
Video Game Meltdowns: What Can You Do?

About Your Host:

Alison Meredith is the Co-Owner and Marketing Director of Tech Eagles, connecting businesses to the best group of geeks in East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Bay County FL.

Prior to her work for Tech Eagles, she enjoyed over a decade as a stay-at-home mom. She says that “the skills I gained are too numerous to list, and the pay was priceless.”

She taught High School Math in the 1990s, at Dobyns-Bennett and at schools in North Carolina and Massachusetts.  In 1997, she was one of 10 teachers nationwide to receive the Future Leaders Award at the NCTM convention in Minneapolis.

Alison grew up in Kingsport and earned her BS in Mathematics from Virginia Tech.

Alison is a best-selling author, her publications include:

  • A whitepaper about protecting kids in digital communications. You can read that by clicking here; it is also available on Kindle.
  • A Children’s Booklist, great for shopping or library visits.
  • You Are the #1 Target, to help business owners implement cybersecurity. This was a collaborative project among 15 Information Technology leaders throughout the country. It reached the Amazon Best-Seller distinction in numerous categories on its launch day and raised much-needed funds for St. Jude