Robust Data Protection Services to Keep Your Business Safe

Do you know what you and your team would do if a man-made or natural disaster struck your Tennessee, Virginia, or Florida business and cut off your data access? What about your backup and data recovery solution—is it functioning correctly to prevent data loss? The scary truth is that most small to medium-size business (SMB) owners don’t have solid answers to these questions. But you don’t have to skip over protecting your critical data any longer. Tech Eagles is here to reduce your risk with industry-leading—and affordable—data protection services!

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Trust Tech Eagles for Your All-Inclusive <span class=Data Protection Solution">

Trust Tech Eagles for Your All-Inclusive Data Protection Solution

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Why is Data Protection Essential for Small to Midsize Businesses?

There is a long list of reasons why your business should be concerned about protecting your valuable data at all costs. After all, your data may be your most priceless—and most vulnerable—asset. But let’s answer this question with three big risks that small to midsize business leaders often don’t think about, but that should be keeping you up at night with regard to your data security:

Reputation Damage

If your customer and vendor details are stolen in a data breach, those who have trusted you with their business may no longer see you as trustworthy. Even if you recover your data, your brand image might be ruined.

Legal Exposure

Mishandling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is beginning to come with expensive fines and the possibility of lawsuits due to changing data privacy laws in many states.

Financial Ruin

These days, hackers and cybercriminals have one thing in mind when targeting businesses like yours: money. Ransomware is just one trick of the trade they might use against you—and most small to midsize businesses can’t afford to pay.

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With Data Protection Services From Tech Eagles, You’re Protected From
All Kinds of Threats

User Error
  • Mistakes happen. That’s why user error is the leading cause of lost business data. A practical backup strategy is vital in keeping these mistakes from turning into serious problems.
Hardware Failure
  • Even high-quality servers and computers will eventually fail. A bulletproof backup and disaster recovery solution will keep your data from disappearing just because equipment stops working.
File Corruption
  • Data can become corrupted and files deleted without warning due to software bugs and other failures. Our data protection solution can recover individual files, folders, or entire systems.
Natural Disasters & Extreme Weather
  • We can’t control the weather, of course. But we can protect against costly business disruptions and data loss caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and floods.
Insider Threats
  • Have you ever had a problem employee delete files or corrupt data? We like to think our team members are always trustworthy, but data protection services help guard against these issues.
Hackers & Cyberattacks
  • Cybercrime against small to midsize businesses is on the rise. The cornerstone of any effective managed backup and disaster recovery plan will include protections against these bad actors.


Your engagement in this process is critical for both you and I to have the information we need to uncover and prioritize any security concerns but we will keep your time investment minimal: one hour for the initial meeting and one to two hours in the final meeting to go over our Report of Findings.

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Frequently-asked questions

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan (BCP), in short, is documentation of data recovery strategies and tactics that help you get back to business after a disaster. When you work with an experienced IT managed service provider like Tech Eagles for data protection, we will help you develop this type of plan as a “just in case” tool.
With properly managed data backups, your business continuity plan may never need to be put into action, but ensuring that you’re ready to handle a disaster is a big part of what we do. Your business’s long-term safety and success are of utmost importance to us.

Is Human Error Really to Blame for Most IT Security Breaches?

Yes. Most data breaches in businesses of all sizes are caused by well-meaning employees who “didn’t know better” and fell for social engineering or other phishing attacks that led to installing malware, ransomware, or spyware that hackers use to steal your data.
The best way to prevent these kinds of accidents? Train your employees on cybersecurity basics.

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