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Ready to boost profitability for your small to midsize East Tennessee, Southwestern Virginia, or Panama City Beach area business like never before? Capture proactive, affordable, and always-on computer networking and cybersecurity support with Managed IT Services from Tech Eagles.

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What’s at Stake When You Settle for Lazy IT Services?

Without a capable Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) like Tech Eagles on your side, your business is sacrificing efficiency—and with that—profitability. Consider what happens when you do nothing about your subpar IT service.

Wasted Time

Sitting around waiting for your IT guy to call you back about a network issue is frustrating—and unnecessary. You have better things to do in your day.

Wasted Effort

Are your employees troubleshooting computer problems on their own because they don’t want to call IT? This is an enormous waste of time and energy.

Wasted Money

Many IT service companies take a reactionary approach to computer problems, which can result in huge, unexpected bills when something breaks.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be like this.

Your technology can absolutely drive better revenue for your business. Discover better professional IT support services from Tech Eagles.

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Don’t Wait—Secure These Big Benefits of Partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider

Choosing a responsive and caring MSP like Tech Eagles to manage your technology will provide your business with a long list of advantages, including these:

  • Using an MSP for technology management will lower your IT costs.
  • Your MSP can get you better deals on all your technology purchases.
  • An experienced MSP can help you meet your industry compliance regulation effectively.
  • The best MSPs will help you scale your tech as your business grows.

Choose From Our Most Popular Services—or Design Your Own Personalized Support Plan


Managed IT security from Tech Eagles will help you secure your technology—and protect your entire business—without your team spending precious time on setup and monitoring.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

The so-called “threat landscape” that can potentially cause a data disaster is vast. Tech Eagles is here to reduce your risk with industry-leading—and affordable—data protection services!

Microsoft 365

Designed for business teams with no in-house IT support, Microsoft 365 will change how you do business—and we can help set it up to maximize effectiveness for your team.

Network Monitoring

Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are always protected. We keep an eye on your technology with proactive 24/7 monitoring and support.

24/7 Helpdesk

Our IT experts are always there to respond to your computer questions and concerns. And we can often fix issues remotely so you can get back to business faster.

Server Support

Maintaining servers on-site at your location or in the cloud can be a huge hassle without reliable IT support. Count on Tech Eagles to take this complex task off your plate.

Why Trust the Tech Eagles Team with Your IT Management?

The IT experts at Tech Eagles are here to guide you toward better business profitability. But why trust us? Simple. We’re a different kind of IT services provider. We promise you:

  • No “geek speak!” We answer your questions in plain English.
  • Service in 60 minutes (or less!), guaranteed!
  • Our customers are the heroes, and we treat you like it.
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Does Your In-House IT Team Need a Little Additional Support?

If your internal tech team has a big implementation project planned or just needs some assistance with ongoing IT monitoring, we’ve got solutions for you!

Tech Eagles is ready to swoop in as a true IT partner and relieve some of the pressure on your busy IT team. A Co-Managed IT Services Agreement will immediately lighten the load.

Optimizing Your Business’s Technology Resources with Tech Eagles is Easy as 1-2-3

We guide you through getting started with our cybersecurity or any other managed IT support services, so you don’t ever have to question what’s going on with your technology or data. Here’s our customer-focused process.

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1. Schedule a Call

Schedule a FREE, no obligation, 30-minute Cybersecurity Consultation to learn more about the state of cybercrime and how it is affecting small businesses like yours. Discuss the current state of your network. Do you have vulnerabilities hackers would exploit? Could you benefit from the comprehensive cybersecurity assessment, we call a Cyber Action Plan?

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2. Assess Your Network

If you choose to move forward, we will have a CONFIDENTIAL meeting to investigate your company policies, computer network, backups and security protocols and gain a better understanding of your business goals and vision.

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3. Review With an Expert

In our Report of Findings meeting you will be equipped with a Risk Assessment Health Score and we will review the list of recommendations, a Cyber Action Plan, to remediate any vulnerabilities we uncover and move you towards the vision you have for your company.

Your engagement in this process is critical for both you and I to have the information we need to uncover and prioritize any security concerns but we will keep your time investment minimal: one hour for the initial meeting and one to two hours in the final meeting to go over our Report of Findings.

Tech Eagles is Ready to Help—Take It From Our Happy Customers!

“Tech Eagles is, by far, the most competent and the most responsive IT vendor I’ve dealt with. The reason that I switched to Tech Eagles and continue to stay with them, is the confidence I have—originally, this confidence was just in Tim. Now, it has extended to the team he has put together.

I have high standards for my own business, and for any company connected to mine. Tech Eagles is such a company. I am happy to have them by my side, enabling me to better serve my clients.”

Mary, Local Insurance Business Owner
“The response time of the Tech Eagles team is somewhere between immediate and right away—we are very pleased with how quickly they resolve any issues we are having.

An efficient and reliable computer network is essential to our business success. Also, we must be sure we have reliable backup copies of our critical data. The peace of mind I have from knowing our backups and network are secure is priceless.

Tech Eagles has an easy-to-use, affordable, and comprehensive solution for addressing HIPAA Compliance. We are very serious about protecting the privacy of our patients, and thankful to have Tech Eagles helping us maintain the high security we require.”

Kim, Local Medical Office Manager

You Deserve Proactive & Affordable Business IT Support. Call Tech Eagles.

Tech Eagles is here to partner with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your business IT investment. Our award-winning team is committed to excellence in customer service and support. Place your trust in Tech Eagles to solve all your technology issues!