Make the Switch to Microsoft 365 With Support from Tech Eagles

Did you know that the fine folks at Microsoft have developed a collaboration platform around their Office applications that you use every day—like Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint—and optimized it for small business users?

It’s called Microsoft 365, and Tech Eagles is ready to help you make the switch. You’ll be glad you did. This full-featured productivity suite makes everything from email to remote work simple and stress-free. And the best part? The flexible subscription-based payment model ensures you don’t pay for anything you don’t need.

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Are You Frustrated with Your Business <span class=Email and Apps?">

Are You Frustrated with Your Business Email and Apps?

Access and compatibility issues.

Complicated workarounds.

Problems with video calls and email

Let’s face it, your business email and applications cause more problems than they solve. And allowing employees to work remotely has likely been kind of a nightmare with everyone using different devices and tools that don’t play nicely together.

The good news?

Making the switch to Microsoft 365 will allow you to get everyone in your organization on the same page, securely and easily. Designed for business teams with no in-house IT support, Microsoft 365 will change how you do business—and we can help set it up.

“But I already have the Microsoft Office programs…why do I need Microsoft 365?”

It’s true that Microsoft still allows individuals and businesses to purchase its Office programs as a standalone product—and this is what your business would have done until the new subscription-based software was introduced a few years ago with Office 365.

Unfortunately, just buying the programs doesn’t entitle you to upgrades over time. And the software licenses also limit how many computers you can install the purchased programs on. This typically wastes money for small businesses because you have to buy many licenses and remember to go back to Microsoft to buy updates.

With Microsoft 365 Business, automatic version updates and feature upgrades are included in the subscription you pay monthly or yearly. Plus, enterprise-level email, cloud-based file storage, and a host of collaboration tools also come standard.

Why Trust the Tech Eagles Team with Your Microsoft 365 Setup and Support?

The IT experts at Tech Eagles are here to guide you toward better business profitability. But why trust us? Simple. We’re a different kind of IT services provider. We promise you:

  • No “geek speak!” We answer your questions in plain English.
  • Service in 60 minutes (or less!), guaranteed!
  • Our customers are the heroes, and we treat you like it.
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What You Get with Microsoft 365 Professionally Managed By Tech Eagles

Better Productivity for Your Teams
  • Microsoft 365 keeps documents, emails, and shared calendars synced in the cloud, so everything is always available—and your teams are on the same page.
More Flexibility to Work from Anywhere
  • Stop worrying about whether you’ll be able to access your files or email on the go. If you have an internet connection, Microsoft 365 will be waiting for you.
Professional Business Email
  • Small businesses don’t need to rely on free email services that make you look unprofessional. Microsoft 365 includes custom email addresses for your team.
Up-to-Date Apps without Downtime
  • Part of subscribing to Microsoft 365 is gaining access to automatic app updates, so you never have to worry about compatibility or security problems with your apps.
Better Affordability Across the Board
  • Microsoft 365 is not a one-size-fits-all subscription. Instead, there are a variety of plans priced per user, and Tech Eagles can help you determine exactly what you need.
Enterprise-Level Reliability
  • Microsoft 365 has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and its cloud storage network is second to none. Never worry about lost files or network outages again!


The best way to experience Microsoft 365 is with concierge-level assistance from a Microsoft Registered Partner. In East Tennessee, Southwestern Virginia, or the Panama City, FL area, that’s Tech Eagles.

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