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Are you seeking information about cybersecurity? Are you interested in learning more about cyber insurance for your business? Or maybe you value good tips about how to stay safe on the internet, and you’re looking for some more IT videos. We have all that right here!

Our knowledgeable team loves to lead training sessions and webinars for our valued clients throughout East Tennessee, Southwestern VA, and Panama City Beach, FL. After all, Tech Eagles provides Cybersecurity Solutions to Protect Your Business & Grow Your Revenue—and a big part of that mission involves making it easy for business leaders to get the information they need to make the best decisions for their companies.

Discover our IT videos of previous webinars where we share tech advice and practical tips from the world of business class information technology. And don’t forget to schedule a call with us for a personal consultation!

Cyber Risk Exposure and Liability Insurance

This video is an informational piece about cybersecurity and cyber insurance and why they matter for your business. In today’s world, companies must be aware of the cost of cyberattacks and plan accordingly for preventing and resolving any cyber issues that might come up with their business. Cyber insurance is a relatively new offering, and it should cover the losses associated with a cyberattack. Host Alison Meredith introduces Financial Expert Mike Spiegler and Cybersecurity Expert and MCSE Tim Meredith to speak about this subject matter.

Is Chrome Your Go-To Browser?

On Friday, February 5, 2021, a Zero-Day vulnerability was found in Google Chrome. “Zero Day” refers to the fact that there was no time to deal with the issue; it needed to be acted on immediately. Alison Meredith details why this attack is relevant for all Chrome users. She breaks it down with simple language; “the good guys found a hole in the software after the bad guys already had the opportunity to exploit it.” She urges viewers to ensure they are using the most updated version of Google Chrome and gives instructions on how to view the edition in use and update the browser to the newest version if necessary.

THE Most Important Tool to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

In October 2020, the FBI put out a report that there was an imminent cyberattack on the healthcare system through phishing and ransomware. The FBI felt publishing this information was necessary to help protect the healthcare sector at the time. Alison Meredith and TJ Scott from Tech Eagles discuss what that means and how this threat impacts other sectors, not just healthcare. Your business’s data is more valuable to criminals than gold, so protecting it should be your priority. This video covers some tips on guarding against phishing and ransomware.

Paper Airplanes Tech Tip

Alison Meredith answers the question, “How is an email like a paper airplane?” Examining paper airplanes as a metaphor for emails, you will come to understand how your personally identifiable information can end up anywhere if you aren’t careful about what you send through plain text email. She discusses identity theft and how easy it is to access data in someone’s email. She advises you to encrypt your emails before sending personal information out into cyberspace.

Jeff’s Productivity Tip

Jeff Delmar of Tech Eagles shares a productivity tip from Michael Hyatt’s book Free to Focus. He discusses responding to emails and how to do that more thoughtfully when you have a packed schedule. He shares how to build an email template that will help you respond quickly when you don’t have a lot of time to craft a personal response. Jeff goes through writing this prewritten response on Microsoft Outlook.

3 Things You Can Do Now to Increase Your IT Department’s Capacity Without Spending a Dime

In this video, Tim Meredith and Alison Meredith share some information about how to increase your business’s IT department’s capacity without spending any money. These tips include time management in the form of time blocking quarterly, weekly, and daily. Micro-habits, or behaviors you can implement today to improve over time, are also discussed. Finally, make videos of everyday tasks so you can become more deliberate.

Our National Guard, Hospitals & Cybercriminals

Randall Garner discusses the National Guard and their role in cybersecurity in this information technology webinar. The governor of Vermont called in the National Guard to help with a cyberattack that infected a network of six hospitals in Vermont. The hospitals had been working on the cyberthreat for over a week, but the National Guard came in and helped them fix up their systems. Their duty is typically known for physical security, but they have recently become more apt at protecting cyber assets as well. In this video, Randall and Abby discuss the implications of this event.

New Bug Big Impact for W10 Users

Do you download files from the internet? Do friends or family email you photos that you open without thinking about it? In August 2020, it was brought to Google’s attention that a vulnerability in Windows 10 meant a single bad file download could compromise the user’s computer and cause a crash. Unfortunately, the vulnerability was not patched, and it hit the news in January 2021. Alison Meredith talks about what precautions to take when downloading files while we wait for Microsoft to fix the vulnerability in this IT video.