Internet Safety for Students

Equipping Parents & Teachers to Protect & Inspire Young Minds in the Digital Age

Day after day our team of geeks slays dragons to protect our clients from cyberthreats. We love that fight, and we’re passionate about it. That’s not enough for us, though.

We also want to be part of building a better community—specifically, we like to focus on the youngest among us. Here are some of the ways we are helping parents and teachers in their quest to inspire and protect these young minds. Please feel free to share these resources.

Video Games, Managing Screentime, and Protecting Kids Online: Help for Parents!

Are you struggling to manage your children & teens in a world of technology?

Check out these 10 brief training videos led by Alison with various guests

Video Games, Managing Screentime, and More

How to Maintain Sanity & Productivity With Your Kids at Home

Do the stay-at-home orders from your kids’ school present some home-management challenges?   Check out this 7-session training videos where veteran home-educating mom Alison Meredith shares a bit of her “secret sauce” regarding minimizing stress in your household!


Secret Sauce to Managing Kids at Home

Guide for Parents and Guardians

Digital Communication, Online Activity, Smartphones, and More: How Can We Protect our Kids and Teenagers?

By Alison Meredith, Tech Eagles Owner, Marketing Director & Mom


Download the Guide

Does YouTube Care? Are Your Kids Naked Online? How can Parents Protect Toddlers?

A dozen 3-minute videos on topics such as: Does Big Tech Care? How can I protect Toddlers? What are the dangers of Social Media? And more.


Click for Tips on Protecting Kids!

Great Books for Kids: Take a Break from Screen Time!

In this age where screens dominate so much of our lives and our kids’ lives, we encourage you to be old-fashioned with your little ones—cuddle up and enjoy a simple story together. Click below to view our booklists!

High School Courses for Home-Educating Families in our Community

Home Education is a great choice for many families. We are delighted to support Bristol Academy, a local group offering classes to home-educated teens. In Spring of 2022, Tim will be teaching World History and Alison will co-teach a Public Speaking class with her dad, Nick Grabar.


Bristol Academy: Classes for Teenagers

Tech Eagles Cares About Kids, Families & Our Communities

In addition to sharing vital resources for keeping kids safe online, we also sponsor many kid-friendly events—mainly in the Bristol, TN area but expanding into the Panama City, FL community. We care deeply about educating kids in STEM subjects and encouraging them to become tech experts themselves!

Annual Pi Day Party Sponsorship

Each year, Tech Eagles Bristol sponsors a Pi Day Party on March 14th (3.14) to teach kids about math! The purpose of our Pi Day Party is to teach kids and teens a bit of math, but more than that, to inspire kids and teens to want to learn about math!

We know math can feel difficult and overwhelming. But we also believe it can be fun and rewarding! We strongly believe that encouraging kids with the right mindset toward math early will equip them in a plethora of areas of life.


We have sponsored FLL teams for years, and members of our Tech Eagles team have served as judges and coaches. We are delighted to help spread the word about this wonderful program. If you’d like to start a team in your region or read about some of our teams’ accomplishments over the years, explore our FLL resource page!


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