May 5, 2016

A Secure Network With Zero Downtime!

A Secure Network With Zero Downtime!

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Pam Phillips

“Since working with Holston IT, we have had zero downtime in our computer network!”

Pam has been involved in the aviation industry since 1980. She has worked in every capacity in the FBO, from the line to her current position as General Manager.

As the only Fixed Base Operator at our local airport, Tri-City Aviation provides essential services to aircraft owners. They have a long list of both corporate and individual clients.

Tri City Aviation offers refueling and maintenance services. Their hanger currently provides storage space to over 40 aircraft. Their office features a beautiful lounge where people can comfortably wait for private planes to arrive or depart.

350 Aviation Drive
Blountville, TN
(423) 325-6261

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By Pam Phillips, Owner and Manager, Tri-City Aviation

We met Holston IT when we were having a computer emergency: we had lost a large amount of sensitive data. This happened in June 2012; we were desperately looking for a company who could recover it.

An old friend recommended that I call Holston IT, and I am so glad I did. Logan listened to all my concerns and evaluated our network. Then he said, “We are going to get that data back, if I have to work all weekend to do it.” That is exactly what he did: he worked through the weekend. But at the end of it all, we had our data secure again. Holston IT truly saved the day for us.

I see our computers as an investment more than as a cost. When our computers work, our day-to-day business flows more smoothly. The lifeline of our business, as far as record-keeping, is our computer network. Our maintenance records, accounting data, fuel sales, and detailed information on each aircraft are stored on our network. We have to be able to access that data, and our team has to be able to connect with each other.

Holston IT is our partner, enabling us to have that smooth flow of business which is so essential. I’m secure and I know that the system is now secure and dependable. I know that if there are any problems, I can always call and Holston IT will take care of them quickly.

Sometimes in life you feel like opportunities choose you, instead of the other way around. That’s how I feel about being the owner and manager here at Tri-City Aviation. My dad started this business in 1969, so I just grew up here around the airplanes. This is my life, and I love it. Dad did all the hard work to build the business; so I won’t take credit for that. But I will say that since I became manager, we’ve kept the tradition he started of providing superior service to our customers.

Holston IT is a trusted business partner: since working with them, our network has had ZERO downtime. That’s fantastic! I confidently recommend their services to other business owners.

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