May 5, 2016

We Cut Over 67% of Our IT Costs!

We Cut Over 67% of Our IT Costs!

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Harland Simpson, M.D.

“Holston IT costs us less than a third of what our in-house IT manager cost, and they manage our network more proficiently.”

Harland earned his rank of Army Major while operating a pain clinic at Fort Rucker. He was so successful that generals would fly in to see him. “I got into pain management because I saw doctors who were afraid to give dying people pain medicine. That disturbed me, but that was the practice of medicine then. I wanted to help change that.”

The Simpson Clinic team understands that there is no “typical pain patient,” so initial evaluation appointments last at least an hour.

2012 Brookside Dr., Ste 8, Kingsport

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by Harland Simpson, M.D., Owner, Simpson Clinic

About a year ago, we invited Holston IT to come evaluate our network. At that time, we had an in-house IT manager. As we talked with Alison about their assessment of our network, it became clear that it was time to let our IT manager go and hire Holston IT in his place. We haven’t looked back since.

There are several benefits to outsourcing our IT support. First, the cost benefit: we pay Holston IT a third of what we were paying to have a full-time employee manage our network. But really we are saving even more: we save on payroll taxes and worker’s comp. Second, Holston IT is never sick and doesn’t go on vacation. If we are open, they are open. Finally, the expertise of the Holston IT team members is beyond what we could afford to hire. When they audited our network, they discovered several major security holes that our in-house manager had missed. Those problems are now fixed, and we know that our network is secure.

We are in the process of transitioning away from accepting insurance. Within four months we will be cash-only. Recently, one of our patients asked me why I was going to stop taking Medicare. I knew he was an auto mechanic, so I said, “Let me just ask you: what can you do to my car for $50?” He said he couldn’t really do anything. I said, “My point exactly. Medicare pays me less than $50 per patient visit. We just can’t afford it anymore.” If we’d continued to take Medicare, it would have put us out of business. Our patients wouldn’t receive care, and our entire staff would be out looking for jobs. Letting patients file their own insurance will cut our costs significantly and enable us to keep our lights on.

Of course we still need our computers—to manage our finances, schedule patient visits, etc. When our copier or computers aren’t working, the flow of our patients is disrupted and we start losing money. Holston IT understands that our network is business-critical: when we have a problem they fix it fast. They remote in or drive over here; we have been thrilled with their response time. Also, and more importantly, they resolve our problems. If they don’t known a solution right away, they are honest and tell us that—they aren’t cocky. Then they immediately start researching the new problem, and they figure it out, quickly, every time. If you are a business owner wanting to leverage your information technology to actually save you money and keep your business moving, I recommend Holston IT!

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