May 5, 2016

Holston IT has helped Decrease our Costs and Increase our Security!

Holston IT has helped Decrease our Costs and Increase our Security!

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Dave Manahan, Strongwell

“Tim Meredith’s expertise in security and virtualization is exactly what we needed!”

As the world leader in pultrusion technology, Strongwell has manufactured millions of linear feet of pultruded composites.

Strongwell’s products are typically inserted into markets associated with infrastructure, commercial, industrial, recreation, military, offshore and other applications which may have corrosion and/or weight issues.

Strongwell is headquartered in Bristol, Virginia and has manufacturing locations in Abingdon, Virginia and Chatfield, Minnesota, with an additional facility under construction near Monterrey, Mexico.

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by Dave Manahan, Corporate IT Manager, Strongwell

We called Holston IT back in 2010 because we were short-handed. There was a major gap in the network technical experience in our department and we needed someone with a solid skillset in networking and server work. We had considered hiring someone, but could not find the level of expertise we needed.

Tim and I came to an agreement for him to work half-days, five days per week. We let Tim be the mentor and his teaching was invaluable to our IT department both here and in Minnesota. That relationship lasted a number of years. Tim no longer works on a regular basis for us, but we still call on him for troubleshooting and major upgrades. Tim has always been reliable and prompt: he will either remote in and help us or just hop in his car and come right over.

Tim’s server virtualization experience is outstanding. With his leadership, the footprint in our data center has decreased significantly. By having fewer physical servers our cooling requirements were reduced which meant an immediate savings in electrical consumption. Virtualization also gives us a far better approach to disaster recovery. We can spin up a virtual server much faster than a physical unit and in today’s business environment IT system uptime is critical. Tim’s leadership and expertise has also helped us refine and improve our business continuity plan.

Tim has also worked with us in network design and security. His experience with firewalls, routers and wireless networks has helped us implement an efficient and cost effective network infrastructure. Tim and Holston IT provided the consulting we needed and saved us the cost of hiring someone full-time with that expertise.

If I were to describe Holston IT, I would say technically astute with great people skills. They are reliable, friendly, and trustworthy. If you consider Information Technology to be a critical part of your business process, then I would definitely recommend Tim and his team at Holston IT.

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