May 5, 2016

We Trust Holston IT!

We Trust Holston IT!

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Dr. Brenden M. Webb

“Holston IT takes care of our network, so that we can focus on taking care of our patients!”

Brenden earned degrees from both Milligan and UT. He then served in the US Air Force, where he completed an advanced dentistry residency. He’s been back home since 2005.

The Webb Dentistry team cares for patients ages 3 to 103. They take pride in only offering services which are well-documented and researched by reputable sources. Dr. Mark Webb founded Webb Dentistry in 1979 and has been providing excellent services since then. They earned the Best in Bristol Award in both 2006 and 2013.

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by Brenden Webb, DDS, Co-owner, Webb Dentistry

In 2006, we implemented digital radiology. At that point, the day-to-day treatment of patients and running of our business became dependent on our computer network. We simply cannot treat a patient unless we can make a radiograph or look at a previously made radiograph.

Before working with Holston IT, I did much of our network support myself. But now, I just don’t have the time. Even if I could fix our computers, it takes me 3 or 4 times as long. Andy can fix it in 30 seconds whereas it might take me an hour. My time is better spent being a dentist than being an IT Technician.

We started working with Holston IT last summer; we had maxed out the capability of our server. They installed a new server and gave us a monthly package of support services. I’ve been very pleased with this proactive work. It doesn’t cost much more than what I would have paid for antivirus alone, but it provides many more services. Holston IT also enabled us to have remote access, so that I can securely look at a patient’s radiographs from anywhere in the world. Right now, they’re helping us upgrade our network from our XP machines.

Our biggest technology frustration is software compatibility. For example, one of our programs must be used on a 32bit computer. I don’t know why they won’t make it compatible with a 64-bit machine, but they won’t. Holston IT helps us navigate through how to manage all of that.

Dentistry for me is very hands on—it’s technical. I see problems, and I fix them. That makes it enjoyable for me; that’s my skillset. My dad and I have always worked together on projects, since I was young. My brother couldn’t turn a screwdriver, so if we needed to change the oil in the car, I was the one who helped Dad do it. I’m glad to still be working alongside him, as we uphold the reputation for great service that he has earned.

Our network is priceless. We depend on it to view patients’ radiographs on the front end, and to create invoices and submit insurance on the backend. In other words, without our computers, we can’t treat patients and we can’t get paid either. If we have a computer issue, someone from the Holston IT team is here within a couple of hours or sooner. They fix it and they fix it fast. We let Holston IT take care of our network, so that we are free to focus on taking care of our patients.

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