May 5, 2016

Saving Us Time and Money!

Saving Us Time and Money!

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Mike Spiegler,
Spiegler-Blevins & Company
CPAs and Advisors

“Holston IT provides the foundation for us to serve our clients!”

Spiegler-Blevins provides a comprehensive suite of accounting services to hundreds of small and medium sized businesses in our region. They are dedicated to keeping a finger on the pulse of your business, and providing you with the tools you need to monitor and ensure your financial health.

Their services include a Back Office Support System, Bookkeeping, Income Tax Planning and Preparation and Payroll services.

By outsourcing the financial services Spiegler-Blevins provides, you can focus on doing what you do best—running your business.

Their unique combination of traditional CPA principles and cutting edge technology will help you maximize efficiencies and realize your business goals.

848 French Moore Jr. Blvd.
Abingdon, VA

811 State Street, Ste 1
Bristol, VA


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Founded in 1993, Spiegler Blevins & Company’s roots originate from the experiences of its partners with regional CPA firms. Spiegler Blevins & Company was established with a focus on commercial tax and accounting services for businesses and their owners. Although both Rob Blevins and I have a wide array of experience, we understand that maintaining our focus on our strengths allows us to provide our clients with a deeper insight on the issues that challenge them on a day to day basis.

Our firm is a nationally recognized leader in the utilization of technology both within our practice as well as for the utilization of our clients. The software we host for clients continues to be the key entry point into our firm which allows clients to leave the frustrations associated with bookkeeping, accounting and tax planning to us. To the point, our software has now evolved into a true collaborative effort whereby we see daily client transactions as they occur and sometimes even beforehand! We have been a “paperless” firm since 1998 which means all of our client records are stored as images upon our server. This benefit allows us to keep a client’s history at our fingertips! This paperless commitment coupled with our online client portals provides clients with access to their software, tax return, financial statements and anything we prepare for them 24/7.

Holston IT helps us to maintain our commitment to technology. Tim and the crew understand our reliance on network reliability, speed, backups and security. Their daily oversight and attention to our server and issues provides us peace of mind that allows us to focus on our clients. If we have a need, Holston IT stands ready to address it; whether it’s the installation of new check scanner, investigating a speed issue or even assisting a client with an issue. Holston IT also takes a proactive approach to managing our IT which is a huge benefit. Tim knows that we want to stay ahead of the technology curve, not just address today’s problems. We regularly discuss our needs as well as what he sees as opportunities for our needs or new technologies – even the TV/monitors in our conference rooms! He is constantly on the lookout for cost savings too! In a recent situation, Tim’s solution was $15,000 less than what we originally thought we would need.

I would not hesitate to refer Holston IT. Their team possesses excellent technical skills and are timely, professional, and personable in the delivery of their services. Holston IT provides the foundation for us to serve our clients.

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