February 21, 2022

5 Benefits to Healthcare IT Support

5 Benefits to Healthcare IT Support

When you work in healthcare, IT support should be one of your main concerns. The Healthcare Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPPA, guarantees each patient has protected health information. This duty to keep your patients’ information private is why effective IT support is crucial in healthcare. Partner this duty with new technological breakthroughs that have revolutionized how healthcare providers treat their patients, and you have excellent reasons to ensure you have the best health and medical directory IT support available.

When your technology is updated and protected, you are doing more to uphold The Privacy Rule, act as a better agent of HIPAA, and care for your patients more effectively every day. With Tech Eagles as your partner, you ensure your medical office is always ahead of technological advances. You know the data you protect is in the safest hands possible, and you will also have access to various other benefits.

1. Increased Quality of Care and Communication

More aspects of the modern world are becoming digitalized, and the healthcare sector is no different. When your technology performs the way it’s supposed to, your care is at its best. As a medical provider, your healthcare IT support must be keeping up with the ever-changing demands of an increasingly health-conscious culture.

This increase in demand might translate to a more accessible app for faster access to data or simply better computer systems to help you get patients in and out more quickly without waiting for long loading times in between people. Or it may mean an increase in the tools you can use in your office, like adding new monitoring systems and devices to your network without slowing any other processes down.

When you can focus on your patients without the hassle of slow computers and old filing systems, you get to spend more time on how they need help. Not only do slow computers distract you from your patients but couple them with unorganized filing systems, and you may have a problem.

These distractions and disorganization can cause you to send the wrong information to a specialist or surgeon accidentally. Having up-to-date technology increases open communication between healthcare professionals who serve a common patient, which is crucial for a high quality of care.

2. More Privacy and Protection for Patients

Utilizing medical office IT support can mean more privacy and protection for your patients’ data. Your IT might have weaknesses you may not even know about because you have been using it for so long, and it’s gotten the job done. Keeping up with technological advances and working with an IT service provider will protect your systems against malicious cybercriminals who seek to steal the data available in your medical office.

However, you may be missing out on critical updates to your technology that will give your patients even more privacy and better protection for their data. Using updated electronic health record (EHR) technologies can help keep your documents private and more organized.

3. Reduced Costs for Both Patients and Providers

Upgrading your technologies across your office or medical building can give you a competitive advantage and help your office run more smoothly and efficiently. Your office or medical practice will be able to automate some aspects of data entry and quickly get information out to you or other providers who need it to serve your patients in the best way possible.

Through this increased efficiency, you may cut excess costs associated with outdated technologies and increase your spending on other areas of your practice, like new hardware or equipment, to improve your treatment options.

4. Patients Are Better Informed About Their Care

One of the best benefits of having good health IT support is giving your patients more access to their healthcare data. When you keep your systems up to date and functioning well, patients who have healthcare apps on their phones or computers linked to your systems can access that information in a safe, secure way.

This access opens avenues for better healthcare as you can update your systems to have reminders for medications, treatments, or other life-saving technologies. Your patients may then utilize these app reminders or other EHR software to keep themselves healthy.

5. Disaster Recovery

Healthcare information is some of the most valuable data you have access to as a medical provider. When disaster strikes, it can feel overwhelming to figure out how you’re going to retrieve lost data and restore your reputation. Luckily, you do not need to worry when working with a health IT support provider like Tech Eagles.

Our team is available 24/7 to help with all your data problems, no matter the emergency scale. We can help you create backups and a plan for disaster recovery, so the resolution for your technological problem comes quickly, and you can resume patient care promptly and efficiently.

Are You Ready to Improve the Health of your Healthcare IT Support?

No more dealing with slow or unresponsive healthcare IT support providers that don’t understand your immediate needs or HIPAA compliance requirements. At Tech Eagles, we prioritize your IT, so you can focus on taking care of what matters—the health of your patients. Speak to our experts if you are ready to update your EHR software or upgrade your hardware. Let us help you get the healthcare IT support you deserve!