February 25, 2022

Russia-Ukraine War And Cybersecurity In Your Business

Russia-Ukraine War And Cybersecurity In Your Business

Since Russia started its campaign against Ukraine, incidents of ransomware, phishing emails, and other cyber-related crimes have skyrocketed. Early reports are showing cyberattacks in the US against small and medium businesses are up more than 150-300% and are expected to climb higher in the coming days and weeks as this war continues.

Please join Randall Garner, our General Manager, and TJ Scott, our Technical Account Manager as they discuss what does this war mean for the small business owners in the US.

Are your networks and databases protected from this new onslaught of cyber-attacks? What does war look like in this new era of Cyber?

In our webinar, Russia-Ukraine War And Cybersecurity, we will provide some clarity about how this has played out over the last few day as well providing you with 7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Bolster Your Company’s Cybersecurity you should review, consider, and take action on immediately.

The technology experts at Tech Eagles have been actively reaching out and warning businesses of the rise of cybercrime and we want you to know that we are here as a resource to you.

Whatever your concern may be on moving forward with cybersecurity protections don’t let it prevent you from reaching out and asking questions about what you need to know to limit the vulnerabilities in your network.   

Don’t wait, our team and our partners are getting increasingly busy right now.

7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Bolster Your Company’s Cybersecurity:

  1. Do you have the contact info handy for your cyber experts and resources if you find you’ve been affected?  Local officials like FBI and sheriff, cyber insurance agent, attorney, IT provider? 
  2. During a breach, time is critical, so you need to have a Response Plan reviewed and ready.
    • How would your business operate if the internet goes down or slows down?  Our internet infrastructure has weaknesses that could be exploited as part of this conflict, or in response to the US actions in this conflict.
    • How would your business operate if any of your key business partners are affected by an attack?  We’ve all experienced something similar to this in the last year or more thanks to global pandemic, chip shortages, etc.
  3. Tell your staff to not read emails or news sites regarding this conflict during business hours or on devices used for work – better safe than sorry!
  4. Have you confirmed your backups are in working order?
  5. Is the patching of your systems current?
  6. Do you have networking and internet monitoring in place to detect any “weirdness”?
  7. Geo-fencing controls in place?  If you have no business with Russia or Ukraine, make sure your settings are blocking communications to and from these countries.