July 13, 2020

Alison’s favorite password management tool!

Alison’s favorite password management tool!


Let’s face it; password management can be messy. Our minds are full of important (and maybe not so important) details from our day to day lives, and for many of us, remembering passwords can be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Often times we’ll settle for the easy short ones we can remember, or else we’re wasting time constantly resetting passwords. Short and easy is simply bad password hygiene which can lead to nightmare-like data breaches. But constant changes are a waste of your time and consequently money.

The stress of keeping up with long secure passwords can drive you crazy!

Do you really have to choose between security and sanity? 

No, you most certainly do not!

In this video, Alison shares her favorite password management tool. Keeper goes a long way toward keeping your passwords safe while preserving your state of mind. https://www.keepersecurity.com/

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