August 2, 2020

Tax-Free Weekend is upon us!

Tax-Free Weekend is upon us!

“What kind of laptop should I buy for my student?” is a popular question we hear every year around this time.

As you shop for a computer for your young learner, consider these three things: RAM, type of Drive, and type of chip

1. For RAM, two scenarios:

  • For routine usage, you need at least 8G of DDR4 or 16G of DDR3
  • For graphic design or gaming, you need at least 16G of DDR4 or 32G of DDR3

2. Always get a machine with a Solid-State Drive (SSD).

3. Every Windows computer has a chip manufactured by AMD or by Intel. Both are good.

For Intel, get i5 or i7 as the processor:

  • i5, 10,000 generation or higher or
  • i7, 7000 generation or higher.

For AMD, Ryzen chips are currently in their 3rd (3000) generation.  Get a Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7, 2nd (2000) generation or higher.

Specific Recommendations

Surface pro 6, Surface Pro 7, and the ThinkPad T15 are all great choices.