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Will Microsoft 365 Copilot Transform the M365 Apps?

Will Microsoft 365 Copilot Transform the M365 Apps?

CMG Admin | August 21, 2023

Advanced AI technology is creating a buzz in the realm of cloud computing, with tools like ChatGPT and Bard making significant advancements. Developers are now in a race to incorporate cutting-edge features into their applications, such as automated email writing…


SSD Drives Are Becoming The Standard For Laptops

holstonit | September 26, 2016

Since their initial release, the smart money has been betting on the idea that SSD (Solid State Drives) would ultimately replace the aging, conventional hard drive as the storage medium of choice, especially in laptops. Why not? They’re smaller, slimmer…


Frequent Password Changes May Compromise Security

holstonit | August 18, 2016

By now, it’s a familiar story. Conventional wisdom holds that you want to use a different password on every site or service you log into and that you want to change your passwords regularly, in order to maximize security. What…


Create An Email Policy For Your Employees To Protect Your Business

holstonit | August 11, 2016

Does your company currently have a formal email policy? If you don’t, you need one, and sooner, rather than later. As the first “killer app” in the world of computing, email is, to this day, one of the most widely…


Microsoft Reducing OneDrive Cloud Storage Space For Many Users

holstonit | July 29, 2016

If you use Microsoft OneDrive, it’s time to review your usage rate, and perhaps start thinking of switching to a different cloud-based storage solution. When the service was first rolled out, users with a free OneDrive account got fifteen gigabytes…


Mac Is The Focus of New Malware

holstonit | July 19, 2016

In the old days, before the rise of the iPad and iPhone, hackers were mostly content to leave Apple alone. They had such a tiny slice of the computer market that it was generally deemed as being more trouble than…


Emails With Zepto Ransomware On The Rise

holstonit | July 15, 2016

Security researchers from Cisco’s Talos Group have discovered a huge and disturbing spike in spam emails containing a widely used ransomware called Zepto. In fact, the team has uncovered 137,731 such emails over just a four-day period, containing more than…


Microsoft Will End Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer July 29th

holstonit | July 12, 2016

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard the news. Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10, is free for the moment, but that’s ending as of July 29. After that point, if you want to upgrade, you’ll have to pay. There is no…


FBI Warning Businesses About Scam

holstonit | July 7, 2016

The FBI has issued an official warning of a new scam the hackers are using, and it’s costing business big bucks. According to the FBI, BEC (Business Email Compromise) has already cost the business community more than three billion dollars,…


Email Attachments With Java Script Pose Ransomware Threat

holstonit | July 4, 2016

The hacking community is at it again, and they’ve once more upped the ante. It wasn’t long ago that ransomware called Ransom32 that was partially written in NodeJS, but delivered via an executable file, had been the norm, that is…