September 23, 2020

Easy Green Screen For Remote Work!

Easy Green Screen For Remote Work!

Are you tired of the Video Call Mad Cleaning Scramble when you participate in video calls from home?

We’ve all been there. A big aspect of the impact of Covid-19 has been that we are suddenly working in the middle of our homes, and our homes still need to run! Sometimes that means dirty dishes, laundry, and general clutter.

If you’re tired of scrambling around and trying to throw together a clean and professional background,  you might check out the Webaround.

This is a green screen that actually attaches to the back your chair! The Webaround backdrop is the perfect companion for video conferencing and demonstrations. Built from the ground up with meetings and presentations in mind, the Webaround backdrop is the only webcam backdrop that attaches directly to the back of any chair. Constructed with high strength spring steel, the backdrop material is pulled taut to ensure a smooth background or even surface. 

Setup and takedown takes just 3 seconds and you can bring it back and forth between home and the office if you want to use it at work too! Interested? Check it out on Amazon here.