September 8, 2020

Strategic Planning, Personable Help, Fast Response!

Strategic Planning, Personable Help, Fast Response!

“Technology is critical to our daily operations.  From phone systems to computers, and even right down to accepting payment from customers, we have information technology threaded through every bit of our business.   Our whole industry is like this now: even the detailed records about our animals’ health, and activities are all digitized.  Consequently, IT is crucial for our business!   We need our technology to “just work” so that we can focus on caring for these amazing animals and connecting our customers to them in fun and educational experiences.  


That dependence on technology is why we choose to work with Holston & Garner IT. The geeks at Holston & Garner IT are GREAT to work with! I love the fact that you can talk to them.   They don’t talk techy, and they aren’t arrogant about their knowledge.  Instead, they are very personable and quick to help me understand.


Randall and the entire Holston & Garner IT team respect my expertise in running my business.  They know my business goals and they figure out how technology can be leveraged to help me meet those goals.  Their mindset is not just one of “fighting fires.” They certainly do that—they provide quick solutions to all of our IT problems.   But what I have is more than a firefighter: it’s a partnership.  I know that they are on my side, utilizing their expertise to help Gulf World be more secure, productive, and profitable.  If you want a partner who thinks strategically, if you want technology to actually help your business instead of just being a hassle, call Holston and Garner IT!”



– Pam George, Gulf World Marine Park