May 27, 2020

Defining the Dark Web

Defining the Dark Web

Another round of Tech Terms in plain English! 

People love throwing around the concept of “the dark web”. But have you ever wondered, “What on earth IS the dark web?” Guess what? Today’s your lucky day! 

Naked Security recently published an article and video defining the dark web. This is a great 10 minute video wherein they’ll answer questions like: 

  • “Why doesn’t the dark web just get closed down?
  • Are there really any benefits to society in having a dark web at all?
  • How big is the dark web?
  • Is the dark web the same as the deep web?
  • Is it really as private and as anonymous as some people claim?
  • Will I get into trouble if I simply want to take a look?
  • If I go on the dark web, does that make me a bigger target for hackers?”