June 3, 2020

Staying Engaged On Zoom Meetings

Staying Engaged On Zoom Meetings

Let’s be honest. Working remotely certainly has it’s perks, but staying fully engaged while on a video meeting can be incredibly difficult!

The Harvard Business Review came up with 5 tips for being a better listener on video meetings. Because truth be told, we are happier when we can make the most of our time. And while the success of a meeting does hinge on the leadership, listeners also play an active role in ensuring productivity.

Here’s tip #1:

“1. Define your value beforehand.

Take a few moments before the meeting starts to distill the purpose of the meeting and what your value could be. What is the most critical information you have? What is it you want to contribute? Be ready with those points. If you do not have a critical role to play or do not need to present any information, identify exactly what you hope to learn from the call. Figuring this out beforehand will help you listen more carefully to what’s being said and strengthen a listening muscle for future meetings?”

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