March 15, 2024

Protect Your Business with Simple Cybersecurity

Protect Your Business with Simple Cybersecurity

In today’s digital world, your business thrives on data. It fuels everything from operations to customer interactions. However, there’s a lurking danger – data breaches. At Tech Eagles, we get it.


Why Data Breaches Matter

Just last month, a cyberattack on UnitedHealthcare’s affiliate, Change Healthcare, a division of United’s Optum, disrupted drug prescription orders at thousands of pharmacies for about a week. The attack, suspected to be orchestrated by a foreign country, led UnitedHealth Group to disconnect some of Change Healthcare’s digital network, affecting services crucial for verifying patients’ insurance coverage for prescriptions. Change Healthcare handles 15 billion transactions annually, impacting one in three U.S. patient records, and was acquired by UnitedHealth Group for $13 billion in 2022. The disruption has affected not only prescriptions but also dental, clinical, and other medical needs. While some large drugstore chains report limited effects, smaller outfits relying on Change Healthcare for insurance-related processes are experiencing difficulties. The incident underscores the vulnerability of healthcare data, prompting federal officials to emphasize the urgency of strengthening cybersecurity in the healthcare ecosystem. The motives of the attacker remain unknown, but the attack highlights the growing threat to healthcare systems and the potential risks associated with centralized services in the sector.

A Tale of Caution

Data breaches impact more than just today. They affect your finances, reputation, and compliance for years. With rising cyber threats, proactive cybersecurity is a strategic must.


The Lasting Impact

Money Matters: A breach costs more than you think. Immediate expenses include detection and containment. Long-term? Legal battles, fines, and more. Don’t forget potential lawsuits, adding financial strain.

Reputation is Everything: Your business’s reputation is at stake. You lose customer trust, lose retention, and face acquisition difficulties. Rebuilding takes time, involving PR and enhanced security.

Rules to Follow: Regulations are strict. A breach leads to fines and compliance hurdles. Comply or pay the price; facing financial penalties, oversight, and mandatory security improvements.

Chaos in Operations: After a breach, operations suffer. Remediation efforts and enhanced security drain resources, affecting productivity. The ripple effect lasts for years, hindering growth.

Customer Trust Matters: A breach leads to customer churn. Acquiring new customers becomes a challenge, impacting growth and market competitiveness.



Simplify Security with Us

Tech Eagles offers a straightforward solution: a tailored cybersecurity assessment. From endpoints to cloud tools, we ensure a strong security posture. Schedule a chat today to understand and address your risks, avoiding the consequences of a data breach.

Call us now. Your business’s security is our priority.