April 6, 2018

WARNING: Your Business Is More Likely to be the Victim of Cybercrime NOW Than Ever Before . . . Don’t Turn aBlind Eye to the New Threats!

WARNING:  Your Business Is More Likely to be the Victim of Cybercrime NOW Than Ever Before . . . Don’t Turn aBlind Eye to the New Threats!

Though we’re in the midst of an unprecedented rise in high-profile cybercrime incidents, it’s easy to assume that our own, low-profile businesses are  safe. Sure, we think, hacking into the data stores of J.P. Morgan, the U.S. Government, or Virgin America can net hackers millions and millions of dollars.   But why would the hackers even bother with a small business?

Unfortunately for all of us, hackers actually do bother with small businesses across the country — these attacks just don’t make the news. By some estimates, including one reported in Media Planet, more than half of small businesses have had their data compromised. These attacks targeting small to midsize companies, now comprise over 70% of all data breaches (StaySafeOnline.org). What’s worse, this digital onslaught shows no sign of slowing. In fact,  ransomware attacks alone have increased 250% since 2016,  accompanied by higher rates of malware, phishing, and other forms of cybercrime.

Once you see these numbers, it’s easy to understand why hackers seek the little guy. These days, massive corporations like Google or Citigroup employ incredibly sophisticated digital measures. Their digital vaults, though containing ludicrously attractive sums of potential money to grab, are located at the end of a virtual labyrinth covered in traps, with a final, inches-thick steel door protecting their assets for good measure. In contrast, the digital assets of small businesses are often hidden behind nothing more than a single, often weak, password. With thousands of business owners going about their day-to-day routines, utterly oblivious to their paper-thin security, the question turns from “Why would hackers bother with my small business?” to “Why wouldn’t they?”

According to one TechRepublic analysis, an average cyber-attack on a small business can cost as much as $256,000.  Is that a sudden cost your company can weather?

Thankfully, there is hope. Though small business owners often assume that effective cyber security solutions lie far outside their budget range, robust digital security is now more affordable than ever. By investing in comprehensive protection, small businesses can minimize their cybersecurity risks.

Today, a cyber-attack on your business is almost statistically inevitable. When that attack comes, you’ll want to be prepared.  Two questions for you:

  • If you haven’t needed a doctor for the past two years, does that mean you’re going to abandon your health insurance coverage? Of course not.
  • What about car insurance? Does it become unnecessary in the absence of a crash? No, because even if you’re the best driver in the world, sometimes a collision is out of your control.

What’s more, both your body and your car require regular upkeep and maintenance to remain in peak condition. Your network security is no different.

As technology hurtles forward at an ever-increasing speed, the ways that hackers can infiltrate your network multiply. To protect against these new threats, the best digital security platforms frequently update, enabling them to anticipate these shifts and to prevent the new threats from becoming liabilities. These security solutions enable you to be proactive prior to a digital crisis, ensuring that you are best protected against new threats.

Digital crime is climbing at a staggering rate, forcing many small business victims to close their doors for good.   Yet many other small business owners are failing to notice this new reality, assuming they’ll somehow be spared from an attack. Don’t be one of them!    Invest in regularly maintained, powerful cyber security—this investment is now a requirement of ensuring the future of your company.