July 26, 2017

Tax-Free Weekend Computer Shopping

Tax-Free Weekend Computer Shopping

The Academic Year starts soon, and that means Tax-Free Weekend Shopping is upon us.   July 28-30 in Tennessee and August 4-6 in Virginia are the dates to hit the stores.

Wish we could offer tax-free computers, but, sadly, we can’t.   However, computers for non-business use are included on the Volunteer State’s list, so you can buy them elsewhere and take advantage of the sale.

Often, folks ask us, “Do you have any advice for me as I buy a computer during the big sale?”   or   “How can I sift through all the specs on a potential computer purchase to know it will give me what you need?

Well, yes, we DO have some advice, and yes, there IS a simple litmus test you can use.

Just look at the type of processor.  If you get this right, you’ll get everything else you need

  • For Intel, get an i5 or i7.
  • For AMD, get A6, A8, A10, any FX series, or any Ryzen.

And, bring us your student’s new computer!   We’d be happy to provide business-class AV and other security services.