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Sad Day For Vine Video Users: Service To Shut Down

holstonit | November 11, 2016

Vine, one of the many properties owned by Twitter, is dead, after the company tried unsuccessfully to find a buyer for the struggling service. If you’re a Vine regular, you’ve probably sensed the move coming for quite some time. As…


New Twitter Link Hack Calls 911 From Your Mobile Device

holstonit | November 10, 2016

There’s a new viral link making the rounds on Twitter that you should advise your staff to steer clear of. If you see a link that begins with “goo.gl,” don’t click it. If you do, not only will it crash…


Twitter Updates To Ease Certain Restrictions And Limits

holstonit | October 8, 2016

Longer Tweets are finally coming! Maybe. At some point. It is the company’s single most requested feature: an easing of the tight, 140-character restriction on Tweet length. And although the company has often reiterated that it was holding fast to…


Identity Thieves Use Social Media To Gain Personal Information

holstonit | July 18, 2016

Identity theft is a large, pervasive, and growing problem. In fact, statistics show that the instances of identity theft jumped a staggering 57% last year alone, this, according to figures from the fraud-prevention service Cifas. The firm’s research into the…


Millions of Twitter Accounts Compromised

holstonit | June 25, 2016

Once more into the breach with Twitter. A company called LeakedSource claims to have gotten its hands on a database containing some 32 million Twitter passwords associated with accounts via email (rather than user name). Although per the company’s information…