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FAA Threatens Prosecution For Samsung Note 7 On Planes

holstonit | October 24, 2016

It was supposed to be a landmark achievement for Samsung, and the start of an era of record-breaking profits. The release of the Note 7 was widely anticipated, and when it hit the shelves back in August, customers flocked to…


Software Bug Causes Recall Of Millions Of GM Vehicles

holstonit | September 30, 2016

GM has given the world a first: a recall of up to four million of the vehicles it has manufactured. Of course, recalls are nothing new, especially in the auto industry. However, what makes this one unique is that the…


Samsung Phones Recalled Due To Battery Issue

holstonit | September 21, 2016

Consumer electronics giant Samsung just released its latest update to its flagship product, the Galaxy Note 7, two weeks ago, as of the writing of this piece. The company has sold some 2.5 million units worldwide, and now, they are…