Tag: Managed Services

ATM Skimmers Are Becoming A Huge Problem

holstonit | November 30, 2016

Unless your firm is directly connected to the banking industry, you may not be aware of this, but the biggest ATM-related crime that banks have to grapple with is ATM Skimming. It has become a major problem, especially for ATMs…


Small Businesses Are Adopting Cloud Services By A Large Margin

holstonit | October 13, 2016

Traditional web hosting services are on the way out, at least where small and medium sized businesses are concerned. These are the latest findings by Clutch.co, based on a recent survey of SMBs. A staggering 95% of them say they…


Need A Bank Account? Take A Selfie

holstonit | September 24, 2016

Banks are embracing technology in new and innovative ways, or at least, some of them are. One of the biggest headaches and hassles of dealing with a bank comes when you want to open a new account. There are forms…


Point Of Sale System Security Questioned As MHR Reports Breach

holstonit | September 13, 2016

Shaun Treacy, the President of MHR (Millennium Hotels and Resorts) North America, has recently sent a communication to guests who stayed at some of the company’s locations between March and June of 2016. In his letter, he warns that an…


Ransomware Heavily Targeting Health Care Companies

holstonit | September 2, 2016

You’ve probably seen the headlines. This year, hardly a week goes by that there isn’t a report of a company in some way connected to the health care industry falling victim to ransomware. If you think it feels like they’re…