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Identity Thieves Use Social Media To Gain Personal Information

holstonit | July 18, 2016

Identity theft is a large, pervasive, and growing problem. In fact, statistics show that the instances of identity theft jumped a staggering 57% last year alone, this, according to figures from the fraud-prevention service Cifas. The firm’s research into the…


Tumblr and Myspace Latest Companies To Get User Accounts Hacked

holstonit | June 4, 2016

Not long ago, we learned that last year’s high profile LinkedIn hack was much bigger than initially thought. When the hack occurred, the company assured its user base that it was limited in scope to some 6.3 million user accounts…


Change Your LinkedIn Password Now!

holstonit | June 1, 2016

If you have an account on LinkedIn, you may recall that they suffered a data breach back in 2012. At the time, they force-reset the passwords of all users believed to be impacted. Unfortunately, it now appears that the breach…