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Internal Breaches On The Rise For Many Companies

holstonit | September 9, 2016

In some important ways, the media has a tendency to distort the reality where hacking and data breaches are concerned. The stories that tend to make the headlines are the external breaches that see hackers making off with tens of…


HIPAA Violations Are Turning Into Prison Sentences For Some

holstonit | August 25, 2016

The unfortunate reality is that most instances of hacking occur from within a company itself. It’s true that the high profile cases that make the news are successful breaches from outside the company, but the statistics bear out the fact…


Ransomware Is Bringing To Light The Absolute Need For Robust Backup

holstonit | June 27, 2016

The University of Calgary recently submitted to the will of hackers and ponied up $20,000 to get their files back after more than 100 computers were locked via ransomware. Almost every security expert agrees that paying such a ransom is…


HIPAA Fines Are Real, Laptop Theft Costs Company $3.9 Million

holstonit | May 10, 2016

Does your company work with health information in any capacity? If it does, be advised, HIPAA violations are real, and can cost you and your business big money. The most recent company to find itself in the crosshairs of the…


Email Privacy Act Revision Could Add Better Protections

holstonit | May 9, 2016

On the heels of the FBI’s dustup with Apple Computer, the Judiciary committee of the U.S. House of Representatives has advanced a bill to the full chamber that would give cloud-stored data and emails more than 180 days old some…


Is Uber Sharing Your information?

holstonit | May 5, 2016

Are you, or is someone you know a driver for Uber? Have you used the rideshare service to get from Point A to Point B? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then odds are good that…