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3rd Party Sign-in with Facebook or Google May Have Security Flaw

holstonit | November 25, 2016

If you own your own business, then odds are good that you’ve taken advantage of the “Sign in With Facebook” (or Google) API. It’s fast, it’s convenient and it’s one less thing to worry about. It gives your users an…


Microsoft Windows Vulnerability Revealed By Google

holstonit | November 19, 2016

Tech giants Google and Microsoft are at odds, thanks to a recent announcement made by Google about a vulnerability in Windows’ Operating System. Google’s longstanding policy has been to inform the company that owns the software when a security flaw…


Google Gets Facts Straight By Adding News Fact Checker

holstonit | October 25, 2016

Back in September, President Obama called the news media out for their complacency. In a year marked by an extremely divisive political campaign, people have lamented the fact that many of the nation’s major news outlets are dealing in false…


Chrome Users On Mac OSX Seeing Better Battery Life

holstonit | October 19, 2016

Laptop users in general have been unhappy with Google’s Chrome browser. There are several aspects of the software’s design that cause it to drain battery power at an alarming rate. Fortunately, the company has decided to do something about that,…


Adobe Flash May Soon End On Google Chrome

holstonit | August 31, 2016

Adobe’s beleaguered Flash player may finally be seeing its last days, at least if Google has anything to say about it. The player has been exceedingly popular, and at its peak, a vast number of websites relied on it heavily…


Many Android Phones May Be Vulnerable To QuadRoot Hack

holstonit | August 19, 2016

Security researchers from Check Point have unearthed a new vulnerability dubbed QuadRoot that leaves potentially 900 million or more Android-based smartphones vulnerable. The attack manifests when a user unwittingly installs specially designed malware which executes the attack. This is often…


Be Careful: Fake Apps Are Stealing Information

holstonit | July 28, 2016

Security researchers at the firm ESET have recently warned of a total of 8 apps found on the Google Play store. These apps, at first glance, appear to be designed to help users increase their number of followers on various…


New iPhone Attack Seems Very Familiar: Watch Out For MMS

holstonit | July 27, 2016

Last July, Android users got a nasty surprise. The surprise came in the form of a new type of attack directed against smartphones. Dubbed “Stagefright,” it allowed a hacker to assume total control over the target device, simply by sending…


Android Users Infected By Malware Threat Known As Hummingbad

holstonit | July 16, 2016

Most people engaged in legitimate business have no idea just how profitable hacking can be. Hummingbad is a case in point. Part of the “Hummer” family of Trojans, this bit of malware is the most widely installed Trojan on the…


Ransomware Is Now Hitting Mobile Phones

holstonit | July 14, 2016

Ransomware has become one of the fastest growing cybercrimes of 2016. Worse, these attacks are growing in their sophistication, and the hackers deploying ransomware have been upping their game by branching out onto different systems. As evidence, according to data…