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Insulin Pump Hack Takes Technology Threats To A New Level

holstonit | October 27, 2016

The risks and dangers associated with the Internet of Things continues to grow. Unfortunately, these days, a hacking attack can actually kill. Recently, a researcher uncovered a major security flaw in an insulin pump sold by Johnson and Johnson. The…


Has Government Been Scanning All Yahoo Email Messages?

holstonit | October 26, 2016

Did they, or didn’t they? That seems to be the central question surrounding the recent revelation reported by Reuters. According to the news story, Yahoo complied with a Federal government request to track and monitor all incoming messages, forwarding any…


Will Your Thermostat Be The Next Device Held For Ransom?

holstonit | September 12, 2016

An interesting and disturbing new form of Ransomware was on display at this year’s Def Con convention, in Las Vegas. So far as anyone knows, this is the first, proof of concept ransomware that targets smart thermostats. Yes, you read…


Is Your Home’s New Smart Deadbolt Secure?

holstonit | September 10, 2016

Much has been written in previous months about the explosion in growth of the (IOT) Internet of Things, and the security risks posed by that growth. Where PCs, laptops, and smartphones all have fairly robust security measures in place to…


Internal Breaches On The Rise For Many Companies

holstonit | September 9, 2016

In some important ways, the media has a tendency to distort the reality where hacking and data breaches are concerned. The stories that tend to make the headlines are the external breaches that see hackers making off with tens of…


Passwords More Popular Than Fingerprint Scanners in U.S.

holstonit | September 8, 2016

Although a number of tech companies have been working hard to create new and ever more robust security and authentication protocols, a recent survey revealed that the American public in general remains highly skeptical of the new procedures, and only…


USB-C Getting Certification Program To Protect Against Safety Issues

holstonit | September 7, 2016

You probably don’t know the name Benson Leung. He’s one of the internet’s unsung heroes, and in recent months, he’s been quietly waging a one-man war against manufacturers producing faulty USB-C chargers. Many users have reported having their smartphones fried…


Survey Shows Company CIO’s Are Looking At Cloud Services

holstonit | September 6, 2016

There has been an explosive growth in companies offering private cloud as part of a broader offering of managed services, and businesses are responding positively to the trend. Interestingly, while companies are moving to embrace the private cloud and managed…


App From Microsoft Creates Better Two-Factor Authentication

holstonit | August 30, 2016

Microsoft is a company that definitely understands the need for better and more secure information systems. Like many other tech companies, they’ve been pushing hard for two-factor authentication protocols covering large swaths of their online ecosystem. Unfortunately, their approach has…


New Business Card Interacts With Mobile Devices

holstonit | August 26, 2016

Printing company MOO Labs has just brought the humble business card into the information age. Employing the same NFC (Near Field Communications) technology that makes it possible to make a credit card purchase without actually having to swipe your card,…