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Passwords More Popular Than Fingerprint Scanners in U.S.

holstonit | September 8, 2016

Although a number of tech companies have been working hard to create new and ever more robust security and authentication protocols, a recent survey revealed that the American public in general remains highly skeptical of the new procedures, and only…


New Business Card Interacts With Mobile Devices

holstonit | August 26, 2016

Printing company MOO Labs has just brought the humble business card into the information age. Employing the same NFC (Near Field Communications) technology that makes it possible to make a credit card purchase without actually having to swipe your card,…


Have Bots Taken Over The Internet?

holstonit | June 13, 2016

What percentage of total internet traffic would you estimate that bots (non-human visitors) account for? Twenty percent? Thirty percent? Unfortunately, according to data released by DeviceAtlas, a company that makes software to detect the kinds of devices web visitors are…