System Security Plan:
Unveiling the subclinical conditions of your IT network.

In an increasingly digital world, where data is the lifeblood of medical practices, the security of your network is paramount.

Yet, a critical problem persists—most medical practices are blissfully unaware of their network's cyber health status. Just as you wouldn't ignore potential fire hazards in your building, or health hazards of your patients, it's essential to shine a light on the vulnerabilities lurking in your practice's digital infrastructure. At Tech Eagles, we're here to reveal the truth, empower you with knowledge, and offer a comprehensive System Security Plan to ensure your practice thrives in the age of digital healthcare.

Imagine your System Security Plan like a
Fire Security Plan but tailored to the digital world.

What is a System Security Plan, and Why Do You Need One?

Just as a Fire Security Plan includes essential equipment, maintenance schedules, escape plans, and employee training, a good System Security Plan follows a similar format. And just like a Fire Security Plan, your System Security Plan is useless if you don’t know what it is.

To demonstrate our commitment to your practice's security, we're offering an exclusive opportunity.

Our Offer: A Free System Security Plan

We will conduct and deliver a System Security Plan at no cost.
Typically, such a service would come with a price tag of around $3,250, given the expertise and time required. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer to understand your practice’s cyber health.
This offer is limited to 3 businesses per week.

3 Simple Steps to sign up:
1. Call
2. We'll assess your network health
3. Review the findings together

Our Comprehensive System Security Plan Includes:

  • External Vulnerability Scan and Automated Penetration Test: Our team of experts will perform these tests and provide you with documented results. 
  • Internal Network Scan and Vulnerability Assessment: We leave no stone unturned, ensuring that your internal network is secure and compliant. 
  • HIPAA Security Rule Questionnaire: We will meet with you to complete a questionnaire benchmarked to the HIPAA Security Rule to determine your practices compliance level. 
  • Tailored Remediation Plan: Our team will bridge the gap between our findings and HIPAA requirements with a customized remediation plan. This plan outlines how to close the security vulnerabilities identified and reach full HIPAA compliance. 
  • Documentation Galore: We ensure you have a comprehensive System Security Plan that incudes a Written Information Security Plan, Incidence Response Plan, Test results, HIPAA compliance status, a plan of action and insight into your Cyber Insurance requirements. 

Our Process Simplified:

  • We request a building floor plan to document your physical layout. 
  • We ask for your cyber insurance plan. 
  • We Schedule a meeting to fill out the HIPAA questionnaire.  
  • We request Administrator credentials for the Windows Domain and Firewall, ensuring a thorough evaluation. 
  • We discreetly connect a small mini-PC to your network for our assessment. 
  • We visually survey your office network and computers to identify potential vulnerabilities. 
  • We conduct the assessments and create a remediation plan to enhance your security. 
  • We schedule a meeting to review all reports and the remediation plan with you, ensuring complete transparency. 

Tech Eagles is your partner in safeguarding your practice's digital landscape.

Just as you determine the condition of your patients and seek to fortify your health; let us help you fortify your security and navigate HIPAA compliance seamlessly. Call us today to take advantage of our limited offer and begin your journey towards a safer, more resilient practice.

You deserve fast and professional IT support from people you like.