July 20, 2017

Solar Eclipse: Coming to a City Near You!

Solar Eclipse:  Coming to a City Near You!

On Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will cross the USA.  Let’s hope the weather is cloudless, because  the moon and sun won’t provide rainchecks to the millions of people who will travel to see their dance.

This gray band shows the path of totality which will occur around 2:00pm and last about 90 seconds.   Dan McGlaun (eclipse2017.org) says the difference between viewing the eclipse inside this band and outside it is like the difference between eating and only smelling a perfectly-cooked steak meal.

The bottom line?   If you can arrange your schedule to travel on a Monday afternoon, and if the weather is clear on August 21st, then you just gotta go!   Get inside the zone!

For more info,  take your family to see the Eclipse Planetarium show at Bays Mountain.    You can buy glasses to view the eclipse by clicking here.

We’ve not had a coast-to-coast eclipse since 1918!   This is a big deal!