September 27, 2021

“Secure Systems & Fast Service”

“Secure Systems & Fast Service”

We specialize in preparing customized medications to meet the unique needs of patients and physicians in the Tri-Cities. This process, often called “compounding,” fills needs traditional medications simply cannot.  It’s a gift to go into work every day knowing we’re providing invaluable services to our community.

Like most medical practices today, in order to serve our patients well, we must have technology that “just works.” So, we need a partner who can help us prevent downtime.  We have that in Holston & Garner IT.

Recently, a software update unexpectedly caused our operations to stall.  We just could not keep working without solving it; we needed help right away.  I called Holston & Garner IT and immediately talked with a real person about the urgency of our situation.  Their team jumped into action.  One of their computer engineers was able to address our problem within minutes and help us successfully run the update. Thanks to their competent help, our systems were secure and functioning again very quickly.

Security is also very important to us.  We’re glad that we have a partner who can help us navigate the ever-changing complexities of protecting our network from new threats.

I appreciate the customer service we receive. Their technical team works together so that any of them can jump on a call and help us as needed! If you are a busy business owner looking for a partner who can connects you with friendly geeks who know how to fix your problems quickly, I recommend Holston & Garner IT!