May 6, 2016

Password Management Solutions

Password Management Solutions

password clip art 2In the recent past, regularly scheduled password changes were a common friend of network security, because people were only tracking one or two passwords. However, with most people now keeping track of 20 or more passwords between work and home, this whole password security game has gotten a bit out of control.

 When pressed to change their passwords frequently, your poor mentally-stretched employees start to use weak passwords pretty quickly, because they need something that is easy to remember. Or, just as bad, they create a good password and then write it on a sticky note, affixing it to their monitor!

So, your security is actually decreasing if your regularly scheduled changes result in poorer password choices and a less secure password management.

How to keep up with it all?

First, check out our Tips for Choosing a Secure, Easy-to-Remember Password by clicking here.

But even if you have a strong password, you should never use the same password on different websites. Your online banking password should be different than Facebook, which should be different than Gmail, which should be different than your network password at work.

Furthermore, if your business is affected by compliance laws (such as HIPAA or PCI) then you’re expected to change your password often.

How are we to cope with the quantity and frequent changes of this memory work? Enter Password Management Solutions: websites which securely store it all so that you just have one place to go to find what you forgot.

Here at Holston IT, we use Keeper.

We highly recommend that your company does the same.

Is it risky to keep all your eggs in this basket?   Not as risky as using poor passwords and sticky notes!

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