January 6, 2021

National Technology Day

National Technology Day

It’s National Technology Day!!! 

And the question we’re asking today is……  if you lived 100 years ago, which piece of modern technology would you miss the most? 

100 years ago puts us in 1921. 

It’s January. Would you miss your quick and efficient car with heated seats?

Perhaps you’d miss the tiny computer you stick in your pocket that you use to text your boss, call your grandma from 1,000 miles away, pay for lunch, or listen to any song any time?

Maybe the thing you’d miss the most is in the category of the more simple things in life, like that Keurig you get your life’s brew from every morning. 

Whatever the case, let’s face it. In spite of all the chaos of the last year, we do have a lot to be thankful for.