August 17, 2019

Security and Fast Response from an Expert Team of Geeks!

Security and Fast Response from an Expert Team of Geeks!


Todd Peak, Owner Lighthouse Supply

Security and Fast Response from an Expert Team of Geeks!

Technology is essential to our day-to-day operations. We all rely on electronic files, which must be accurate and updated in real time. For us, this includes inventory records, customer information, vendor information, and databases which support to our online store.

Before we started working with Holston IT, our computers were a frequent cause of frustration. When our technology wasn’t working, we’d ask, “How do we get this fixed? Can we just band-aid things together so that they get working?” Needless to say, this approach was not effective.

Once we started working with Holston IT, everything changed. Now, a simple phone call is all it takes to get issues addressed. Holston IT provides us with two essentials: maintenance and security. I am confident that they will keep everything up and running efficiently, and that our confidential information is secured. Technology is no longer a frustrating distraction but is instead a tool to increase productivity and help us grow our business.

I like to think I am tech-savvy, but when I watch one of their engineers fly through something on my computer, I am reminded that there is much I don’t know. But that’s OK, because technology is not our specialty. We delegate those concerns to Holston IT.

I only have so many hours in a day, and my work as a business owner is never done. I intentionally choose to outsource some responsibilities to others, so that I can focus on using my own strengths. Information Technology is on that list: cybersecurity is simply changing too fast for us to try and handle it in-house. We need a team of experts, and I’ve found that with Holston IT.


All successful business relationships are built on trust. As a customer, I need to see the same mindset from our vendors. I have found that in Holston IT: integrity, honesty, and consistently excellent service. If you are a busy business owner looking to our source your technology headache, call Holston IT!