December 10, 2021

Getting Up Off the Mat When Life Knocks You Down

Getting Up Off the Mat When Life Knocks You Down

     Tim, Allison, Randall & Julie attended an invitation-only conference for leaders in the cybersecurity industry.  The keynote speaker was George Foreman: 2-time world champion in heavyweight boxing and world-famous smiling salesman for the George Foreman Grill.  Here is a summary of some of the insights he shared:

There’s Always a Reason to Smile

     Always smile at the beginning of a conversation, especially if there is a camera in the room.  Other people have their own set of problems and don’t need to hear about yours, at least not at first.  It’s always part of your job to make people feel good.  Smiling is also good for YOU—remember to be thankful.  There’s always a reason to be thankful, to the good Lord who made us—show that thankfulness with a smile.

Value What’s Truly Important

     Too easily we forget that we bring nothing into this world and we don’t get to take anything out either.  What truly matters is the love and respect you’ve earned throughout your life and the memories of how you’ve been a blessing to others. 

     What do you stand for in life?  What are you doing to make a long-term impact in the lives of others?  Value those things.  You can buy nice things, but remember that none of that leaves when you do.  Some things aren’t for sale, anyway.  You can’t buy your way into becoming a better person—that’s something you have to work hard to earn, day after day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change

     People wrongly assume that their job, their daily routine, even their wardrobe or hairdo defines who they are.  But who you are is far deeper than all that

You have roots, just like a tall tree.  You can handle some rough times, just like a strong tree handles a windstorm.  You may lose some branches, but hard times and change won’t automatically sink you.

     Take calculated risks as you reach out to grow through your challenges. Doing this is just part of healthy living. Don’t be afraid of change— pursue it! Instead, be afraid to stay where you are.  Don’t glue yourself to your current problems. 

Claim Your Past

     Making mistakes is part of living in this world, and all of us can learn from them.  But there’s a difference between learning from past failures and feeling chained to them.  I like to say, “Claim Your Past.”  Claim what you’ve learned, and claim that those days are now gone—in the past.  I have sure made plenty of mistakes, but I tell myself, “Yes, that was me, but I’ve learned from that, I’ve moved on. I’m better and stronger now.”  Where you came from doesn’t have to be where you stay.  Where you came from should not set the direction where you are headed now.