June 3, 2019

FlexSafe: Protect Your Valuables

FlexSafe:  Protect Your Valuables

We all know the security dilemma that comes with a day of sun, sand, and waves:

When it comes time to set aside your stuff and get wet, where do you put that stuff?

  • Bury it in the sand?
  • Ask Aunt Susie to take her turn out of the water and be the watcher on duty?
  • Tell a stranger to keep an eye on it?
  • Hide it under a towel?
  • Leave it out and hope for the best?

If none of these seem ideal, consider FlexSafe.

FlexSafe is a handy, personal, portable safe designed to stave off thieves, wherever you are.  Water-resistant, slash-proof, RFID-blocking, and equipped with a heavy-duty three-digit combination lock, it turns you from an easy target into a walking fortress. The bag-shaped design clips into itself, allowing you to secure it to a beach chair, umbrella or any other unwieldy surface and go on your merry way without worry.

In 2015,  Shark Tank welcomed three young inventors who promised their gizmo would revolutionize beachside and poolside safety.   They were right, and Daymond John is glad he invested in them.   Flexsafe is their third product.  At $69.99, it could be a sound investment for regular beachgoers.