2013 FIRST Lego League: Nature’s Fury

The 2013 theme for the International Lego Robotic competition was Nature’s Fury: How to Prepare, React and Recover from a Natural Disaster. The Tech Eagles- sponsored Flaming Phoenix team took this challenge on with determination and excitement as a young, inexperienced team.

Fun Facts About the 2013 Team:

  • Flaming Phoenix team name means the team is never down, but rises to meet a challenge.
  • Teambuilding exercises are lots of fun and help build cooperation and teamwork.
  • Seven of eight team members have brothers on the team. Only two have previous FLL experience.
  • All team members are home schooled and very interested in STEM, LEGOs and Robots.

Challenge Project: How to Be Better Prepared for Floods

  • Key Learnings from research on local natural disasters:
    • Meaning of “Watch” and “Warning” weather alerts
    • Importance of early warnings, having preparedness kits available
    • Flash flooding is the most common natural disaster in our area
  • Met with experts from National Weather Service, Emergency Management Agency, WCYB-TV; and with area Walgreens managers about weather alert radios.
  • Developed a Super Safety Kit as a solution to flash flooding

Robot Design: Built two robots: one for Round 1; one for Round 2. Best performing robot moves to Round 3.

  • Selected mission strategy sequence move people, water, pets in safe zone at the end of Round.
  • Designed attachments for multiple missions.
  • Involved all team members in mission planning, build, test and improve tasks
  • Followed continuous improvement cycle

The Flaming Phoenix Team performed well for an inexperienced team at the Regional competition in Abingdon. They visited the winning team to learn from them how to do better in 2014.

Tech Eagles thanks Nick Grabar and Steve Buchanan for doing a fantastic job coaching our 2013 team.