June 7, 2018

Finally, I Can go on Vacation without Calls From the Office!

Finally, I Can go on Vacation without Calls From the Office!

“We were in a situation where we were not getting responsive answers from our IT support team and, many times, fixing one problem would break something else.  We were very frustrated and experiencing down-time that could have been prevented.

We contracted with Holston IT in March 2017.  From the start, they were extremely responsive to our needs.  They addressed the items that were causing the biggest issues and then began to work on the less critical items.  The transition was easy and allowed me to gain back precious time to handle other requirements in our practice.

Our staff, in all three of our offices, has given me positive feedback about the technicians they speak to on the phone and those who come on-site to address issues.  Holston IT is proactive and offers us solutions to potential problems before we experience down-time.  I knew, when I was able to take a week vacation with no calls from the office complaining of system problems, we had a good partner for our IT needs.”

— Lynda Helton, Administrator, Eye Physicians of Southwest Virginia