March 22, 2019

Facebook Earns an F in Password Storage 101

Facebook Earns an F in Password Storage 101

Bottom line: Change your Facebook password and check your security settings. 

More Info: Again today, facebook demonstrated its low commitment to security. Passwords have been insecurely stored in a way that Facebook employees can easily access them. Full story can be read by clicking here.

A checklist of how to do this is posted below.

1. On the top right side of your FB page, click on the triangle pointing down:


2. This reveals a drop-down menu, choose “Settings.”


3. Now you are on the General Account Settings page. On the left side there is a list of options, choose “Security and Login”

Clicking on this will display a long list of options. All are worth exploring, but do these things first:







4. If the below picture displays at the top of the next page, then click to edit it!!!

This connects another device (usually your cellphone) to your account.



5. Pay attention to where you are currently logged in to Facebook by looking in this section:

If you recognize an unfamiliar device / location tied to your computer, facebook will give you the option to force a log out on that device (and choose that option!)


6. Change your password!

After changing your password, you should log out of facebook from all devices currently connected to facebook. You can manually log out, but we recommend just forcing a log out (see step 5). Then, when you want to use facebook on those devices again, you’ll just need to log in using your new password.

Be sure to do these steps for both your personal and business facebook accounts!

For tips on creating and managing all your passwords, check out this article: