April 8, 2020

Essential Security Habits When Using Zoom

Essential Security Habits When Using Zoom

If you are using Zoom, you need to know these essential security habits:

DO use a password—this is now the default setting when you are setting up a new Zoom meeting. Leave it that way.

DO use a waiting room—this also has recently become the default setting. This will be annoying if you’re accustomed to letting people start chatting in the room before their meeting host arrives.  But the security you gain is worth the annoyance.

DO NOT discuss sensitive information on a Zoom meeting. No details about client finances, patient care, or even the intra-workings of your own company.

DO NOT post your meeting number and password on public forums (such as Facebook). Instead, email the meeting details directly to the specific people you want to invite.

There are more things you can do, you can read other tips here or here or here. But if you just implement those 4 tips, you are well on your way toward more security.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding this:

Why are you sending this information about Zoom right now?

  • ICYMI, Zoom has been all over the press in the past week due to problems with their security.
  • If you want to read more about this, find stories herehere, and here.
  • Business leaders have been asking us about this, for good reason. So, we’re eager to help get the word out!


We want to do secure video calls just within our company. What should we use for that?

  • Microsoft Teams.
  • The security it offers is excellent, meeting requirements for HIPAA compliance and other industry standards.
  • If you use Microsoft 365 Email, you probably already have the Teams app—just start using it!
  • Get started learning how to use Teams by clicking here.


Are there better video-conferencing apps than Zoom?

  • This is a tricky question.  Are there better search engines than Google?   OK, that’s not quite a fair comparison, but it’s pretty close.  Zoom truly “owns the market” for a low-cost, ease-of-use video conferencing platform.
  • Microsoft Teams is outstanding—and you probably already own it.  Start using it!    As I already mentioned, you should be using Teams as your exclusive app for intracompany meetings.
  • You can use Teams for meetings including people outside your company, it is just a little clunkier than simple intercompany meetings.   But, press through it if you can.  We are here to help—ask us!
  • Here are a few other options we are still researching.
    • We are not yet ready to recommend one, but so far these have caught our eye are worth further research. 
    • They are all more expensive than the $16 per month that Zoom charges—but, as we all know, “You get what you pay for.”   If you want better security, it’s going to cost a bit more.


Here at Holston and Garner IT, we’re laser-focused on cybersecurity, especially during these crazy days when hackers have gone into overdrive.  Please let us know if we can help!