July 18, 2018

DocsInk: Secure Messaging, Simplified

DocsInk:  Secure Messaging, Simplified

Have you heard of Slack?

Is your team using it?

Slack has been among the best-in-class messaging apps for some time, and now has over 5 million daily users. It’s a fantastic collaboration tool.

Our main concern with Slack is that people accidentally share secure information which should be kept off the platform. As threatstack.com says, “Never use Slack to share secrets such as passwords, sensitive customer data, or valuable corporate IP. Anything highly confidential should be kept off the platform.”

Recently, Slack has been tightening its security, and now claims to be compliant with many regulations, but we would like to wait a bit before we get behind that bandwagon.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an app without a steep learning curve, which enables your team to message each other securely, we recommend DocsInk.

DocsInk is a HIPAA compliant secure messaging system which an organization can begin using in just a few minutes.

Not just for medical offices!

Do you ever text your fellow team members information which . . . you know . . . you really shouldn’t be sending via standard text? Or are you wasting time typing coded messages (“client we discussed at lunch”) to make yourself feel better for using insecure texting?

Try DocsInk instead. The security of your clients’ and employees’ data is worth it. The mental freedom of not worrying about security will be a big time savings and efficiency boost.

Free 30 day trial, and then $6 per user per month. This is a steal for the robust security and convenience it offers. There are no long term commitments; you can cancel at any time.