2023 Christmas Gift Guide

Hello from Tech Eagles! This holiday season, we’re stepping out of the server room to bring you our carefully selected Holiday Gift Guide. It’s not just for tech enthusiasts but for everyone on your list. Our guide simplifies your search for the perfect present, combining practicality with a touch of innovation. Whether it’s for the gadget fan or the lifestyle enthusiast in your circle, we’ve got you covered.

Bamboo Cutting Board $34.90

Elevate your culinary experience with Seville Classics’ Bamboo Cutting Board, accompanied by 7 Color-Coded Flexible Cutting Mats. This eco-friendly kitchen essential, measuring 16.5″ by 13.4″, is crafted from sustainable bamboo, known for its durability and kindness to knives. Its innovative design features rounded corners, ventilated storage for the cutting mats, and non-slip silicone feet for stability. The set includes seven BPA-free, flexible polypropylene mats in assorted colors, each with a unique food icon, making it a hygienic choice to prevent cross-contamination. Ideal for chefs and home cooks alike, this board is not just a cutting surface; it’s a statement of environmental responsibility and culinary artistry. Easy to clean and store, it’s perfect for indoor cooking or outdoor BBQs. Whether you’re treating yourself or gifting someone who loves to create magic in the kitchen, this cutting board is a must-have for every eco-conscious culinary enthusiast.
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USB C Battery Pack

Version 1 $49.99 –  Version 2 $45.99

Stay powered up wherever you go with this high-speed USB C Battery Pack. Designed for the modern, on-the-move individual, it features a powerful 65W PD USB-C port capable of charging laptops rapidly – a MacBook Pro 13” can go from 0% to 50% in just 37 minutes! With its universal compatibility, it’s the ideal companion for a wide range of devices, from MacBooks and iPhones to Galaxy phones and Google Pixels. With a smart chip system for safety and a travel-friendly 20000mAh capacity, it’s ideal for business trips and adventures alike. Ultra-compact and reliable, this power bank is a must-have for tech lovers and busy professionals.
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Prank Box – $8.99

Elevate your gifting game with these prank gift boxes, where the joke’s on the outside but thoughtfulness is packed inside. These boxes, with their ridiculously funny fictional products, are perfect for sparking laughter and surprise. Watch as friends and family first react with bemusement, then burst into laughter, discovering the real gift hidden within. Made in the USA from 100% recyclable cardboard and easy to assemble, these boxes are an ideal choice for any gift-giver looking to add an extra layer of fun. Whether it’s for a partner, parent, or friend, these prank gift boxes turn every present into an unforgettable and flat-out hilarious experience.
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Wearable Blanket – $39.99

Gift the ultimate in cozy comfort this holiday season with the Sherpa wearable blanket, a thoughtful and stylish present for those who appreciate warmth and relaxation. This blanket hoodie, crafted from luxurious Sherpa fleece and soft flannel, offers not only exceptional warmth but also a variety of prints and colors to suit your recipient’s individual taste. Its versatile design features a Sherpa-lined hood and spacious pockets, blending comfort with practicality for those chilly evenings at home or while out. What sets this wearable blanket apart is its remarkable durability and ease of care; it’s designed to emerge from the wash looking just as new and cozy as the day it was received. Easy to maintain, simply toss it in a cold wash and tumble dry on low – this wearable blanket maintains its softness, making it a convenient and cherished gift throughout the winter season.
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10-in-1 Electronic Cleaning Kit – $16.98

In a world where electronic devices are integral to our daily lives, this 10-in-1 electronic cleaning kit is the perfect gift for virtually anyone. This comprehensive, portable kit tackles the inevitable buildup of dirt and grime on all gadgets. From a soft retractable brush that delicately clears keyboard gaps to polishing cloths for screens and a lens cleaning pen for cameras and phone lenses, it’s equipped to handle every cleaning need. It’s an essential tool not just for tech enthusiasts but for anyone who uses electronic devices regularly. Compact and convenient, this kit ensures the cleanliness and longevity of gadgets, making it an incredibly thoughtful and pretty universally appreciated gift.
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Dash Cam

Version 1 $129.99 – Version 2 $59.99

Give the gift of safety and peace of mind with the Garmin Dash Cam, ideal for anyone who spends time on the road (which is a lot of us). This compact, car key-sized dash camera fits discreetly behind the rearview mirror, recording every journey in sharp 1080p HD quality, thanks to its wide 140-degree lens and Garmin Clarity HDR optics. Voice control in several languages adds convenience, allowing hands-free commands for saving videos, taking pictures, and more. With features like automatic video upload to a secure online vault and Live View monitoring via the Garmin Drive app, it keeps your loved ones connected to their vehicle, even when they’re away. The Parking Guard feature alerts them of any incidents around their parked car, providing an extra layer of security. Durable and reliable, this dash cam withstands tough conditions while offering an extra USB charging port, making it not just a thoughtful gift, but a practical one that enhances the safety and comfort of their daily drives.
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Subscription Box (Pets)

Version 1 $19.54 – Version 2 $39.00

Surprise your furry friend or delight a pet-loving loved one with a subscription to KitNipBox for cats or BarkBox for dogs. These monthly boxes are a trove of happiness for pets, each thoughtfully filled with engaging toys and tasty treats to cater to their needs. KitNipBox enchants cats with custom-designed playthings, top-quality North American catnip, and natural treats, ensuring both safety and endless entertainment. Each box offers a new theme and variety, perfect for keeping your cat engaged and content. For dogs, BarkBox delivers a joyful mix of unique toys and natural treats. Whether your dog is into interactive play, chewing, or tugging, BarkBox has it all, including options for puppies and aggressive chewers, and even allergy-friendly treats. These subscription boxes are more than just monthly delights; they’re a celebration of the joy and love our pets bring us. With a commitment to supporting animal causes, every box also contributes to a larger mission, making this gift a heartwarming experience for both pets and owners.
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3D Models for Kids – $15.00

Ignite a child’s imagination and crafting skills with the Mini Magical Creature 3D Kits from Uncommon Goods. Perfect for young hands and creative minds, these kits transform recycled, biodegradable cardboard into a magical menagerie of mythical creatures. Choose from a Unicorn, Dragon, or Narwhal – each offering a unique crafting experience. With 40 pieces and eco-friendly inks, these kits are not only a fun activity but also an environmentally conscious choice. They come with everything needed, including glue, to bring these legendary creatures to life in 3D form. These models are ideal for kids aged 6 and up who love crafting, building, and the magic of myth. It’s a delightful way to engage their hands and minds, fostering creativity and fine motor skills, all while having fun creating their own mythical zoo.
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GPS Tracker for Pets – $34.99

Ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved dog with the Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring device. This advanced tracker offers real-time GPS tracking, enabling you to see your dog’s location and track them without distance limits, providing invaluable peace of mind. The device operates with a subscription plan, starting as low as $5/month, which includes all costs for the integrated SIM card and data usage. Beyond location tracking, this innovative gadget offers health alerts and monitors your dog’s sleep quality and activity patterns. It intelligently sends alerts if it detects unusual behavior, helping you stay informed about your pet’s well-being. The activity tracking feature also allows you to keep your dog fit and healthy by monitoring their Wellness Score, even comparing it with other pets of the same breed. Plus, with escape alerts, you’ll receive immediate notifications if your dog wanders out of the custom-defined safe area. This GPS tracker is more than a device; it’s a companion for responsible pet owners who want to ensure their furry friend’s safety and health at all times.
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Heated Blanket for Car – $32.99

Offer the gift of comfort and warmth during the cold season with the heated car blanket. Ideal for those who face chilly commutes or love winter road trips, this 12-volt electric blanket, elegantly designed in black and white plaid, is a delightful addition to any vehicle. It conveniently plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter, providing immediate, cozy warmth to passengers. With a generous 96-inch cord, it’s accessible to everyone in the car, ensuring a warm journey for all. Compact and efficient, this blanket delivers consistent warmth without being bulky, and can be easily stored in the car for spontaneous use. It’s not just a practical solution for staying warm; it’s a thoughtful gift for loved ones who travel or enjoy outdoor activities like tailgating or camping during the cooler months.
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Desktop Coffee/Candle Warmer – $49.99

Gift a touch of warmth and soothing aroma this holiday season with the Desktop Coffee/Candle Warmer. This elegant and functional gadget is a dream for coffee enthusiasts and scent lovers alike. Whether it’s keeping your coffee at the perfect sipping temperature of 131℉/55℃ or melting scented candles to release their fragrance without an open flame, this warmer does it all. Its 19-watt power ensures your beverages stay warm, and it’s versatile enough to work with various mug types, especially those with a thin wall and flat bottom for optimal heat retention. Ideal for those who work from home or simply enjoy the comfort of their personal space, this Desktop Warmer is a stylish, functional gift that shows you care about their comfort and well-being.
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Cozy Gift Box – $39.75

Invite your loved ones into the world of hygge, the Danish concept of creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life, with this cozy hygge gift box. This thoughtfully assembled box embodies the essence of hygge, offering items that radiate comfort and joy. It includes items like a soft beige throw blanket for snuggling, a white speckled mug with a natural clay bottom for sipping warm beverages, and gourmet chocolates for a touch of sweetness. Additional surprises include a mini succulent in a ceramic pot, cozy wool socks, and a choice of heartwarming beverages – Chai Tea, Herbal Tea, Ground Coffee, or Hot Chocolate. Each box is also adorned with decorative elements like a pine pick, rustic wood ornament, or a stainless steel gold spoon, enhancing the sense of hygge. Perfect for sending love and support during the holidays, this cozy gift box is not just a gift, but an invitation to embrace warmth, coziness, and contentment in everyday moments.
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Custom Tumblers – $24.00

This holiday season, gift a blend of style and practicality with these custom engraved tumblers. Perfect for loved ones who appreciate a daily dose of elegance, these 40oz metal tumblers offer a choice of chic colors including sage, navy, cream, blush, coral, smoke blue, mint, and black. Each tumbler, complete with a lid and handle, can be uniquely personalized with the recipient’s name or initials, making it a special and meaningful present. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these tumblers are designed for performance with double-wall, vacuum insulation, ensuring beverages stay cold for over 24 hours or warm for 8 hours. The laser engraving guarantees durability, making it a lasting gift unlike those with vinyl decals. Equipped with a slide lid and a clear straw, and fitting snugly in cupholders, these BPA-free tumblers are ideal for both outdoor adventures and cozy days in. Hand washable and expertly crafted, they’re not just a Christmas gift, but a year-round companion for anyone who values a fusion of functionality and personalized flair.
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Bluetooth, Headlight Beanie – $26.99

Surprise your adventurous loved ones with the Bluetooth headlight beanie, a perfect gift for those who enjoy the outdoors or need hands-free illumination. This unique beanie combines warmth and high-tech features, making it ideal for activities like camping, hiking, or early morning runs. Its integrated 5 LED lights, with a reach of 30 feet and three brightness settings provide visibility in the dark. Crafted from soft, stretchy fabric for comfort and warmth, the beanie also boasts an upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 connection for seamless music and call handling, complete with built-in stereo speakers and a microphone. Conveniently USB rechargeable, with up to 8 hours of battery life, it’s a thoughtful and practical present for the winter season, enhancing both safety and enjoyment during any outdoor activity.
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