May 17, 2022

Building Cyber Resilience in Your Business

Building Cyber Resilience in Your Business

We keep seeing more and more words prefaced with “cyber” these days. “cyber crime” “cyber security” “cyber criminals” “cyber attacks” “cyber warfare”.

Here’s one you might not have heard of: “Cyber Resiliency”

What on earth IS cyber resiliency?

Cyber Resiliency refers to the ability of a business to bounce back from a successful cyber-attack. Most people who care about the cybersecurity posture of a business hope to prevent a cyber-attack. But in recent years, the FBI has shifted focus from cyber prevention to cyber resiliency because they (and, the greater cybersecurity community) believe that every business will eventually experience a successful cyber-attack. 

Let that sink in for a moment. The FBI believes EVERY business will eventually experience a successful cyber attack.

So why bother with ANY cybersecurity if you are going to get hacked eventually anyway?

Enter cyber resiliency.

Increasing the cyber resiliency of a business is an out-of-the-box way to reduce the overall risk exposure of a business to cyber-attacks. The more a business is cyber resilient, the less the risk from a successful cyber-attack. Most people think of reducing the exposure part of risk exposure by installing new protections. They think, “We want our business to be completely protected from cyber-attacks.” That’s a noble goal! But with the constant evolution of the cyber threat landscape, this is an unrealistic goal. 

Instead, business leaders should think, “We want our business to have a lower risk exposure to cyber-attacks.” You are probably thinking about reducing your exposure by increasing various protections. In addition, you should lower your risk by increasing your resiliency. Would a successful cyber-attack damage the business reputation, revenue stream, operations, cash flow, and/or employee morale? What can be done now to lessen that damage? A good cybersecurity consultant can help a business think through these issues and formulate a plan. 

Hopefully, you already have a trustworthy cybersecurity consultant you meet with on a regular basis. If you do not, and you are rightfully concerned about the threat cyber criminals pose to your business, schedule a 30 minute consultation with us! We would be honored to meet with you and discuss your business goals and see if we can help you keep those on track in spite of the worsening cyber crisis.