October 9, 2018

Are You Inviting Criminals To Rob You?

Are You Inviting Criminals To Rob You?

The next time you think about “Checking In” with Facebook or Tweeting about your vacation, don’t. Burglars are now using social media sites to target homes when people are away on vacation, business or just out at dinner.

One such web site, PleaseRobMe.com, swears they never intended to encourage burglars; however, this site pulls information from social networking sites like Twitter, Foursquare and Google Buzz to expose how much information criminals can easily learn about you online.

The Dutch developers, Barry Borsboom, Boy van Amstel and Frank Groeneveld say they like social networking, but that their goal is to shine a giant spotlight on the dangerous side effects of location sharing. Regardless of their intention, our recommendation is to keep your location private.