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We Want To Give You A Free No Obligation Cybersecurity Consultation That Gives You The Answers You Want And The Information You Need To Make Informed Decisions

There has recently been an increased threat of cyber-attacks. With 82,000 NEW malware threats being released every day, businesses (and their bank accounts) are the #1 target. You might already know about the escalating threats, from ransomware to hackers; but we are seeing that most are underestimating the risk to their company. 

For a limited time, we are offering a free and confidential Cybersecurity Consultation to a select group of businesses where we take the time to briefly discuss the risks and impact to your business and if you could benefit from a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment, we call a Cyber Action Plan. We will uncover unknown risks that allow hackers who are becoming more skilled and successful from infiltrating companies like yours where they steal bank account information and/or data they can sell or hold for ransom to extort money from you. 

Here’s How It Works: We will schedule a virtual consultation where one of my lead consultants will conduct a brief survey about your business and network. The call should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete unless you have additional questions for our Cybersecurity Experts.  

Our conversation will include: 

  • Do you have written cybersecurity policies?  
  • Can you prove computers have the latest security patches and updates?
  • Do you use an email spam filtering and protection system?  
  • Do you have a password policy defined and followed by all? 
  • Do you have a written incident response plan that includes your state data breach law reporting requirements? 
  • Do your computer users get formal training to recognize & avoid phishing emails?  

Please…Do NOT Just Shrug This Off  
I know you are extremely busy and there is enormous temptation to discard this, shrug it off, worry about it “later” or dismiss it altogether. That is, undoubtedly, the easy choice…but the easy choice is rarely the RIGHT choice. This I can guarantee: At some point, you WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH A CYBERSECURITY EVENT. 

Hopefully you’ll be brilliantly prepared for it and experience only a minor inconvenience at most. But if you wait and do NOTHING, I can practically guarantee this will be a far more costly, disruptive and devastating attack that will happen to your business.  

You’ve spent a lifetime working hard to get where you are today. Don’t let some lowlife thief operating outside the law in another country get away with taking that from you. And certainly don’t “hope” your IT guy has you covered. Get the facts and be certain you are protected.   

Schedule your Free, CONFIDENTIAL Cybersecurity Consultation today.  

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