February 6, 2017

Protection from hacking and prompt response

Protection from hacking and prompt response

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Brandon Snodgrass,
Snodgrass Law Firm

“I trust Holston IT wholeheartedly”
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by Brandon Snodgrass, Owner/Operator, Snodgrass Law Firm

I need cybersecurity to protect my network from hacking. I need cybersecurity to ensure client’s sensitive data is not breached. I don’t have the knowledge to perform these tasks. Even assuming I did, I don’t have the time as it would not be cost effective for me to do this. I need to be practicing law and not have to worry that my system and its data is at risk for being compromised.

I trust Holston IT wholeheartedly. I have zero issue with their services rendered and cost associated.

Their staff is top notch. I have prompt response on any tech support issue I have. Every member of the team I have dealt has done exactly what they said they would in a timely manner and for a fair and reasonable price.

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