Servicing Tennessee, Virginia, and Florida

Florida: (850) 588-3540 Tennessee: (423) 534-3418

You’re almost done . . . just two more quick steps!

STEP 1: Click below to electronically sign the waivers our insurance company requires.  You MUST sign this in order to participate—but it’s just an e-signature, and will take only a few minutes!

  • If you have more kids than the form has space to accommodate, list several kids on one line.
  • Example: “John, Sue, and Mary Doe” on one line instead of just “John Doe”

STEP 2: Donate at least $5 per student or at least $14 per family. Give your money to Teresa Barker, treasurer of our Pi Day event, by

EITHER sending money via PayPal by CLICKING HERE

OR  mailing a Check to: Teresa Barker 15252 Barnrock Rd Mendota, VA 24270

Note: Many people are donating their time and skills to make this a success; they are doing this gladly. But we do need a bit of help covering our expenses. We appreciate any donation and will use it to good effect!  Thank you!

Once those two tasks are done, you are all set!

We will see you at the party!

Friday March 11th, First Presbyterian Church, Bristol TN

You will get an email within a week of submitting your application, to confirm that you are registered.   Sorry for not getting confirmation sooner, but busy volunteers are running this event!

What to Bring

  1. A great attitude
  2. A lunch bag for each person in your family — individually packaged, one per person. Note: we DO have room to keep a few pies in the fridge but we do NOT have room to keep lunches cold during the morning.
  3. A water bottle for each student
  4. PIE! Please bake or buy a pie to share, and bring it with you.
  5. That’s it! We’ll provide pencils, paper, and all other needed supplies